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A visit out of the blue nets the perfect new home

“We’d been in the market tentatively for a few years. We were happy where we were but with a large family there was always the notion that we needed more space.

In my head I’d given up when Nick Haslam and Rob Waller came to see us saying they had a property they thought might suit us.

They were right.

It ticked all the boxes. Close to town, with a lovely aspect, potential for revegetation, room for an orchard and plenty of space for the kids. It really is the perfect sprawling property for a big family and I would never have looked at it if Nick and Rob hadn’t suggested it.

We had to pack up our own house and get it on the market. Just before Christmas. But everything went really smoothly with that as well and we found a local buyer fairly quickly.

It was great dealing with people like Nick and Rob, who are entrenched in the community just as we are. We really trusted them and appreciate that they came to see us. I have absolutely no regrets.”

John, Vendor 59 Campbell Street Castlemaine, Purchaser 17 Mitchell Parade Castlemaine


Invaluable Local Knowledge


Given that this beautiful property in Elphinstone had been on the market for six months with an out of town agent it is not surprising that the owners were delighted when Rob Waller successfully sold it within just six week.

According to the vendor Rob Waller’s work stood out for a number of reasons.  During the appraisal process Rob invested the time to identify aspects of the previous marketing process that had fallen short and made expansive notes. He was frank and honest and had a realistic sense of the market price. Instead of putting forward a price range he determined what proved to be an accurate fixed price.

The vendor was also impressed with the depth of Rob’s experience, his knowledge of the area, the breadth of stock he works with and the potential buyers he is able to access. The vendor had chosen an out of town agent because of previous dealings but came to understand just how valuable such local knowledge and experience is.

Rob WallerPerhaps most importantly it was Rob’s professionalism that stood out. He was thorough, gave excellent advice and made himself available at all times. He was responsive and present throughout the process and was genuinely supportive.

Given that selling one’s home is high up on the list of major stressors it is heartening to know that it can be a very positive experience and that clients are prepared to publicly say how satisfied they have been.