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Pristine Californian Bungalow

Cowling is a classic Californian bungalow in Castlemaine Victoria, which was originally built in the early part of the twentieth century and historically owned by the Cowling family. In 2005 it was lovingly renovated with an emphasis on updating the space for modern family life without losing the original character and period features of this charming home.

The house presents a huge flexibility in how the owner uses the space. The front portion of the home consists of a hardwood floor veranda, grand entrance hallway, large master bedroom, two extra bedrooms, bathroom, a formal sitting room and formal dining room which are connected by original wood folding doors and feature original fireplaces. The current owners have used the formal sitting/dining rooms as workspace, but they could very easily be used as bedrooms, reception rooms or a combination of both. Through the second hallway the modern north-facing addition adds a large open plan space with a lovely sun filled kitchen, dining room and living area with French doors out onto the patio and garden. A family bathroom and laundry with ample storage and pantry space lead out through the side door to the carport. New air-conditioning and heating units have been installed throughout the home, 11ft high ceilings, carefully chosen wall colours and beautiful timber floors add to the feeling of space and warmth.


Goodman House Historic Precinct Daylesford

Set at the foot of the Daylesford Botanic Gardens, with premium views across a town loved for its distinct European flavour, Goodman House offers its inhabitants stylish, private living.

Goodman House, named after Archie Goodman, the town Mayor who lived and entertained Melbourne luminaries here during the 1950’s, was built in nearby Hepburn Springs in 1890 and moved to Daylesford, in one piece in 1910. It had barely been touched before the current owner undertook to breathe new life into the old home. A 70 year old Japanese maple in the back yard inspired the addition of the spectacular steel-framed conservatory with a splendid finial left over from the restoration of the 1880 Royal Exhibition Building.  A striking feature of the conservatory is the Turkish tiled wall, paying homage to the interior design of Ottoman imperial harems of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Goodman house is positioned in Camp Street, within walking distance of the shopping centre, fine dining establishments such as Mercato and Kazuki, the old Convent, Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens and the Hospital. Yet once you are inside the house it is like being enfolded in a cocoon. The outside world becomes oblivious. The choice is yours! You can choose to engage or close the front door and live in complete privacy.

Landmark Property in Burnett Road

At the door of the house who will come knocking?
An open door, we enter
A closed door, a den
The world pulse beats beyond my door
Pierre Albert Birot

Pine Hill Castlemaine

Probably named because of two Bunya Pines (Araucaria Bidwillii) and Hoop Pine (Araucaria Cunnighami), these with three Funeral Cypress and several Cabbage Tree Pine Hill is a gracious historic Castlemaine home. Built by Samuel Kelsall in 1862 Pine Hill lies on prize acreage at 9 Burnett Road, Castlemaine, just a hop, skip and a jump from Castlemaine’s Botanical Gardens.

Once you pass through the ornate gates, decorated with peacocks, walk slowly up the winding drive that leads to the period homestead.

Stop to feel the energy of this space and reflect upon the stylistic elements of this home. It features typical gables, an asymmetrical plan and a verandah with open-work supports.

The current owners have a file filled with information about the property, the period when it was included in a Australian Garden History itinerary, and the Yandell family who lived here in the late 1800’s.

A.C. Yandell was a native of the town, the son of a pioneer resident and leading public man. He was a consulting herbalist in Mostyn Street, a consistent advocate of Castlemaine and giver to all progressive movements of Castlemaine.

This is a simply designed, stylish home. Each room has retained original features and with them comes a sense of a bygone time. Make sure to check out the recent owners library, find out which were their summer and winter bedrooms and stop to enjoy the delightful ‘garden room’, the perfect place to have tea and read the paper.

Above all take the time to stroll and discover the not so hidden treasures amongst the magnificent, historic outbuildings.

Information that may help you decide to come to live here

There are many things that can help you make the decision to leave the city and come to a  regional centre like Castlemaine. Knowing that there is good child care and good quality schools may help you decide.



Seachangers and treechangers! Do they ever come back?

Jules Bondy and Meghan Anders (and dog Lottie) are putting their Northcote home on the market and making the move to the country.

I want to live in a place that’s beautiful!” you cry. “There’s too much traffic, gentrification and too many people. I deserve more than grey concrete and my dog deserves more than a postage-stamp piece of grass masquerading as a park!”

So you pop your city home on the market, and move to where the grass is, apparently, greener. If you’re lucky, there’s a bit of ocean blue, too.

Your friends and neighbours promise to visit, and you visualise your new dining room filled with your (no longer) nearest but still dearest, all drinking wine made from grapes that ripened just five kilometres away, and eating free-range ham, goats cheese and olives all sourced from your new neighbours.

But is it time to wake up and smell the (city) coffee? Just how successful is a sea change, or tree change?

“Once you move out of town you never go back!” says public relations manager Tara Bishop. She says this despite it taking four years to “defrost” her local Bottle O shopkeeper on the Mornington Peninsula and actually get a smile back.

She moved from the CBD to near Rye and loves it. But does she know anyone who’s given up and gone back? “No. They all love it. They’re happier, their kids are happier,” she says.

A place in the country, such as this Castlemaine home, has always had its appeal for many people.

Sam Rigopoulos, director of Jellis Craig in Northcote and Rob Waller, director of Waller Reality in Castlemaine, may both lay claim to coining the term “North Northcote” for regional Castlemaine, but they agree on one thing; those who move from the city to the country don’t come back. They are, according to both agents, happy.

“The only ones that really stick in my mind that didn’t work out were when relationships broke up,” says Waller. “And maybe the odd few where they had to move to climb the ladder at work.”

In fact, Waller sees treechangers acting like magnets. “If you look at couples we sold to, you’ll see that two years later you sold to their brother and sister, and then mum and dad will make an appearance, too.”

We tracked down Helen Bodycomb, who, in 2009, told The Age she and her husband were joining the exodus from Northcote to Castlemaine. Update: they held onto their Northcote property until two years ago, realising they would never go back. “We initially thought we’d be here for a year,” she says now. “I was more keen coming here, but after two weeks, my husband said he didn’t want to leave.”

Still, if things do go awry, buying back into the city isn’t so straightforward, and Waller has seen treechangers get stung. “Years ago they’d sell the house in the city and buy something here, travel the world and buy a new car. Then maybe something would happen health-wise, or they’d want to come back to be near the grandkids, and they’d find they couldn’t come back to where they’d come from,” he says.

Waller says people are being smarter with their money. “Now, if they sell a four-bedroom house in Camberwell, they will buy a country property in Castlemaine and simultaneously buy a townhouse in Fairfield, Kew or Richmond,” he says.

Long-time Northcote residents Jules Bondy and Meghan Anders and their two children attempted to move to Castlemaine over a decade ago, but failed.

“I set it up so our Northcote house would be auctioned one hour before the house in Castlemaine,” Bondy remembers. But no one bought the Jessie Street property. There were no offers, so I couldn’t bid and it was sold at auction. That was bad,” he recalls. Ten years later, a now renovated Jessie Street is hitting the market.

“The draw to the north may have ebbed slightly but it never really left. We saw this gorgeous property, like a dream house, not in Castlemaine, but in Mount Macedon – it’s the new Castlemaine!” he jokes.

Bondy, a public servant, will continue working in Melbourne, and is expecting a 48-minute commute on the train to the CBD, while Anders, a primary school teacher, will look for work closer to her new home.

Anders is Melbourne born and bred, but has long dreamed of moving to the country. “Making the leap now has given us such a deep sense of being alive!” she says, though admits the hardest thing will be losing the proximity to friends and family, and the cinema.

Source: Domain article by Jayne D’Arcy

What Homebuyers Look For

KHov_peoriaThere are plenty of views about what home buyers are looking for 


Dwell Beautiful

Michelle McKinnon writes about some of the obvious features to promote when selling your home, but you might be surprised by some of the things buyers are looking for.

Home buyers usually have a list of key features in mind when they start hunting for a home.

And while sellers know it’s important to play up key features such as a swimming pool, many vendors neglect to emphasise some of the more mundane things home buyers look for.

So we’ve compiled a list of seven things home buyers most want, based on a survey we conducted late last year to uncover what home buyers get a second opinion on.

It shows that while 73 per cent of buyers put price at the top of the list and 65 per cent prioritise location, many other elements make it a home worth purchasing.

1. A second living area

Living space is paramount in the modern home, so make sure your real estate marketing mentions any extra living space you have, even if it’s only a small sunroom.

Frank Valentic of Advantage Property Group, who has judged renovations on the Nine Network’s program The Block, says open-plan living is highly sought after by home buyers.

“This is particularly the case for families who have children, who are seeking enough space to allow children to play in a separate area,” he says.

2. Renovated wet areas

A renovated bathroom and kitchen are paramount. Renovated kitchens particularly give real bang for your buck.

Valentic says a large kitchen with wide bench space is very important. “Kitchens are double the size they were 10 years ago. Home buyers want a huge amount of space and modern amenities in the kitchen.”

3. Outdoor entertaining

Most buyers would like an outside area that flows well from the indoors. Soft furnishings such as waterproof cushions in the outdoor space can make it homely and comfortable.

Valentic adds that the seating area needs to offer protection from the sun. “Outdoor entertaining areas are always well received by home buyers,” he says.

4. Natural light

Don’t underestimate how beneficial natural light is when you’re selling your home, so make sure you play up this feature.

Such features include a north-facing orientation if you have it, and skylights or other natural light sources.

Chris Teakle, director of Melbourne’s Prime Estate, says a northerly aspect that allows in plenty of natural light is highly sought after. “A light and bright home is a huge selling point, no matter who the potential buyer is,” he says.

5. A backyard

Having enough space in the backyard to kick a football around is the great Australian dream. Teakle says most buyers ask about the backyard size before committing to an inspection.

“Some grass under foot and a bit of space to play with kids outdoors is what everyone wants,” he says.

6. Storage

You can never have too much storage so remember to mention all your home has. This includes built-in wardrobes, space under a staircase, in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoors.

“I’ve never had a client complain of too much storage, so make sure you play up this feature,” Teakle says.

7. Decent-sized bedrooms

Bedrooms that offer built-in storage and enough floor space for a reasonable amount of furniture will be well received by buyers.

Teakle says: “Everyone wants to know that there’s enough bedroom space for kids to be able to play in their room. So if you’ve got decent space, make sure you play this feature up.”

What do you think are the essential features of a property? Tell us in the comments below.

Invaluable Local Knowledge


Given that this beautiful property in Elphinstone had been on the market for six months with an out of town agent it is not surprising that the owners were delighted when Rob Waller successfully sold it within just six week.

According to the vendor Rob Waller’s work stood out for a number of reasons.  During the appraisal process Rob invested the time to identify aspects of the previous marketing process that had fallen short and made expansive notes. He was frank and honest and had a realistic sense of the market price. Instead of putting forward a price range he determined what proved to be an accurate fixed price.

The vendor was also impressed with the depth of Rob’s experience, his knowledge of the area, the breadth of stock he works with and the potential buyers he is able to access. The vendor had chosen an out of town agent because of previous dealings but came to understand just how valuable such local knowledge and experience is.

Rob WallerPerhaps most importantly it was Rob’s professionalism that stood out. He was thorough, gave excellent advice and made himself available at all times. He was responsive and present throughout the process and was genuinely supportive.

Given that selling one’s home is high up on the list of major stressors it is heartening to know that it can be a very positive experience and that clients are prepared to publicly say how satisfied they have been.

Who Has Been Sleeping In My House?

One of Castlemaine's most prominent commercial buildings, George Clark Place at 203-205 Barker Street still bears the relief across the front 'Geo Glark & Son'. This large two storey warehouse was the city's major store for mining supplies, groceries and hardware.

One of Castlemaine’s most prominent commercial buildings, George Clark Place at 203-205 Barker Street still bears the relief across the front ‘Geo Glark & Son’. This large two storey warehouse was the city’s major store for mining supplies, groceries and hardware.

How much do you really know about the home you’ve been living in? Do you know who has been sleeping in your house since it was built? If you’re in an older home, looking into its history can help you learn some interesting facts about it. And when it comes time to sell your home this information might just impress potential buyers.

An example of how this information can be used may be seen in a recent site created for Clevedon Manor here in Castlemaine. Note the range of material that makes this feature quite distinctive from the usual marketing material. The owners had a file of very interesting ephemera which combined to tell a narrative about the home.

Not everyone has a file like this.

Researching your home’s history can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Look up land and property records: You can find out who owned the land you’re on in the past by doing a title or deed search. You can learn about changes made to your property over the years by looking up tax records.
  • Research census data: Looking up local census data helps you learn more about your home’s previous owners. You can find out things like how much they paid for your home and how many kids they had.
  • Talk to others: Ask around to see if your neighbors know anything about your home’s previous owners. Local business owners might also have information for you on your home’s history.
  • Examine your house: Look for telltale signs of changes, like different types of bricks, exposed rafters and old paint or wallpaper in closets.
  • Do additional research: Read books about researching your home’s history. These should be available in local bookstores and your local library.

Grand Hotel Maldon


Maldon is a town steeped in history and The Grand takes pride of place in High Street.(Click link to visit web feature on this property) The National Trust declared it Australia’s first Notable Town in 1966. It once had quartz reefs that were among the world’s richest, attracting a population which built grand houses and a very busy commercial centre.

Today, thanks in part to the fact that the community has rigorously maintained the authentic, historic character, Maldon attracts regular tourists and visitors coming to enjoy the wonderful selection of eclectic events that help to give the town a very special personality. There are always people seeking apartment accommodation and the bonus of easy access to the diverse cafe and shops.

The Grand Hotel, set in the heart of this historic village, currently offers the opportunity to shop, relax and stay. Know at Stayz as ‘Apartments on High’ this arm of the business provides a solid income but the flexible floorplan of the building clearly provides the potential to move on to another level. Existing business can be continued or, given that plans to establish two shops have been approved there is the capacity to develop a whole new look.

Perhaps someone, yearning to create their own ‘Marigold Hotel’ might be browsing! Whatever the direction it is a property hard to resist!

Entry to Castlemaine

Gaffney Street

11 Gaffney Street has been given fresh life with a complete makeover. Now, priced at a little over $300,000 it might be just what those seeking to enter the Castlemaine market are looking for. This home could prove to be the perfect investment, but equally it is ideal for first home buyers. With a spacious yard, scope to extend and located close to all the services that Castlemaine offers, this home will appeal to a diverse range of people.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Check it out today!

Gaffney Street Castlemaine

Vintage Cottage and Land For Development


This unique property at 50 Hunter Street Castlemaine demands more than a cursory glance. It offers not only a fully renovated, historic cottage but a significant land parcel, with permits to build, that enjoys landscaped views across the adjacent, prized Buda house and garden.

The fully renovated, picturesque vintage cottage dates back to the 1860′s. During recent renovations old papers were found in the original cottage section of the home and original horizontal timber board that clad the inside of the cottage remain under the pasteboard walls.

But then there is more! There is the rather quirky repurposing, done by a previous owners, one of whom worked for the PMG (Post Master General). He added real interest to the property by re-purposing a number of the old red telephone boxes (the same as the television series of Doctor WHO), slate telephone box floor panels and telephone pole isulator beams, which can be identified in the shedding, side and back veranda areas.

Peaceful Rural Setting

Munro Road Green Gully

Set amidst pristine bushland, this meticulously maintained country residence, at 49 Munro Road Green Gully, enjoys a privacy that so many yearn to escape to. With its beautiful gardens and gorgeous outdoor living and entertaining areas it is the place to bring your friends. Locals say that their friends are very happy to come to this part of the world. Here, in this part of the Central Goldfields, you are in close proximity to all those places Melbournians love to visit.

Why Choose Waller Realty?

Real-Estate-ProfessionalismProfessionalism in the workplace is based on many factors, including how you dress, carry yourself, your attitude and how you interact with others.The feedback from both vendors and buyers reveal that while the sale process will not always go without some issues to be navigated, a constant is that the team at Waller Realty actually do their job in a professional manner.

It is this simple truth, it is the reality that Wallers have a outstanding team who get results that makes this agency the agency to choose if you want your property to realize its full sales potential or you are seeking to find the perfect place to live and work in this region.

Rob Waller, who is the director of this company began his career in real estate gaining extensive experience in residential, commercial and rural sales. Rob has 21 years real estate experience and is noted as the Agent of choice for selling quality character and lifestyle properties. Rob’s high profile reputation is built on integrity and an uncompromising commitment to helping his clients attain their real estate goals, which attracts a strong following and even stronger results. He has also attracted a professional team who are each pulling in the same direction and who, indisputably, have helped to build the reputation Waller’s has gained in this region.

The other striking feature about the work at Wallers is that they have advanced along with the advances in information technology and have developed highly efficient means to effectively organise sales and purchases. Listing with Wallers not only sees your property advertised on leading property websites but makes full use of blogging technology to feature character homes and social media portals to expand the reach. Go no further if you are buying or selling a home!

Come to Wallers, the major, most results driven, real estate player in this region.