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Part of the process

The owner of this property in Hagues Road, Barkers Creek had a very clear sense of what she wanted to achieve from her sale.

Having already found another property to buy, a quick sale was the priority and she was happy to set a reasonable price in order to achieve this. She also knew she didn’t want to invest any extra time or money on improvements.

Having worked with Nick Haslam on a previous land sale and been impressed by his approach, he was the obvious choice.

Nick’s ability to make her feel included impressed her immensely. She felt listened to and treated as an individual. Nick had the confidence and skill to be able to work with her and develop a tailored campaign to suit her needs and circumstances.

With other agents she says felt she was being directed and was losing control of the sale of her own home. She’d also been told the property could take years to sell, because it was on land and in a higher price bracket.

Nick sold the house in just seven weeks.

In this vendor’s opinion, that’s because everything was done exactly right, from the marketing campaign to follow-ups after Open for Inspections, and even the communication with support staff. Everything was exceptional.

If you would like to speak with Nick about your property contact our Castlemaine office on 03 5470 5811, call Nick on 0418 322 789, or email him at nick@wallerrealty.com.au



Sustainable living in the heart of Castlemaine


By harnessing the energy of the sun, wind and rain the Bull Street Terraces will have minimal impact on the environment, they’ll also be beautiful, functional spaces to live in and enjoy.

Designed by Crosby Architects, well known for their work in sustainable, residential design, the Bull Street Terraces development is just minutes walk from the centre of town and the train station, making it ideal for people living and working in Castlemaine or commuting to Melbourne or Bendigo.

The development is the first medium density residential project in Australia to be registered with the Living Building Challenge (LBC). The four terrace houses average an over 8 Energy Star rating and are designed to use zero net energy (energy used will equal energy produced on site).

The energy of the sun will keep the terraces comfortable in winter with only minimal heating required even on the coldest central Victorian winter night. During the warmer months they’ll be protected from overheating through good design, orientation, insulation and shading.

Building materials have been selected both for aesthetics and their ability to reduce the homes’ carbon footprint and energy needs. The majority will be sourced from within 200kms of the town. They include timber milled in Ballarat and natural wool insulation manufactured in Melbourne.

Comfortable living over three levels

Built over three levels the terraces comprise a ground floor where living, dining and kitchen areas open out to a front garden to the north and a courtyard to the rear. There’s also lane access and space to park a car.

A large front bedroom and smaller rear bedroom, both with built in robes, take up the spacious first floor alongside a bathroom with laundry facilities. The top floor opens out to a large, north facing roof deck overlooking the street with a roof planter and plenty of storage.

Design that’s part of the community

Geoff Crosby moved his architectural practice, Crosby architects, from central Footscray to Castlemaine nine years ago to bring up his family and develop a more sustainable way of designing and building.

Concerned with the increasing population and urban growth in the town, he sees developments like the Bull Street Terraces as the way forward, integrating medium density new homes into the existing town limits and encouraging more connection with the township, its facilities and surrounds.

This development includes the renovation of an existing cottage and a new stand-alone house.

Please contact Nick Haslam on 0418 322 789 nick@wallerrealty.com.au to discuss the steps involved in buying off the plan and securing your terrace.

Information that may help you decide to come to live here

There are many things that can help you make the decision to leave the city and come to a  regional centre like Castlemaine. Knowing that there is good child care and good quality schools may help you decide.



Service Support and Sincerity


‘Crevilly’ offered buyers the chance to own and enjoy one of Castlemaine’s finest historical solid brick homes. Enjoying  a graceful street profile and featuring an original façade Crevilly offered potential buyers an impeccably presented family home, rich in period detail.

Nick Haslam

Nick Haslam

After languishing in the hands of another agent, once the sale of this historic property was placed in the hands of Nick Haslam at Waller Realty the owners fully appreciated and respected Nick’s service, support, communication and sincerity. They were also delighted that Nick was visibly proactive and was able to seal an appropriate price for their much loved property.

Nick’s reputation for being a determined, hard working, effective negotiator has become well known in this region. If you are seeking a professional, honest and fresh approach towards the sale of your property please don’t hesitate to contact Nick and see the difference he can make for you.

Seachangers and treechangers! Do they ever come back?

Jules Bondy and Meghan Anders (and dog Lottie) are putting their Northcote home on the market and making the move to the country.

I want to live in a place that’s beautiful!” you cry. “There’s too much traffic, gentrification and too many people. I deserve more than grey concrete and my dog deserves more than a postage-stamp piece of grass masquerading as a park!”

So you pop your city home on the market, and move to where the grass is, apparently, greener. If you’re lucky, there’s a bit of ocean blue, too.

Your friends and neighbours promise to visit, and you visualise your new dining room filled with your (no longer) nearest but still dearest, all drinking wine made from grapes that ripened just five kilometres away, and eating free-range ham, goats cheese and olives all sourced from your new neighbours.

But is it time to wake up and smell the (city) coffee? Just how successful is a sea change, or tree change?

“Once you move out of town you never go back!” says public relations manager Tara Bishop. She says this despite it taking four years to “defrost” her local Bottle O shopkeeper on the Mornington Peninsula and actually get a smile back.

She moved from the CBD to near Rye and loves it. But does she know anyone who’s given up and gone back? “No. They all love it. They’re happier, their kids are happier,” she says.

A place in the country, such as this Castlemaine home, has always had its appeal for many people.

Sam Rigopoulos, director of Jellis Craig in Northcote and Rob Waller, director of Waller Reality in Castlemaine, may both lay claim to coining the term “North Northcote” for regional Castlemaine, but they agree on one thing; those who move from the city to the country don’t come back. They are, according to both agents, happy.

“The only ones that really stick in my mind that didn’t work out were when relationships broke up,” says Waller. “And maybe the odd few where they had to move to climb the ladder at work.”

In fact, Waller sees treechangers acting like magnets. “If you look at couples we sold to, you’ll see that two years later you sold to their brother and sister, and then mum and dad will make an appearance, too.”

We tracked down Helen Bodycomb, who, in 2009, told The Age she and her husband were joining the exodus from Northcote to Castlemaine. Update: they held onto their Northcote property until two years ago, realising they would never go back. “We initially thought we’d be here for a year,” she says now. “I was more keen coming here, but after two weeks, my husband said he didn’t want to leave.”

Still, if things do go awry, buying back into the city isn’t so straightforward, and Waller has seen treechangers get stung. “Years ago they’d sell the house in the city and buy something here, travel the world and buy a new car. Then maybe something would happen health-wise, or they’d want to come back to be near the grandkids, and they’d find they couldn’t come back to where they’d come from,” he says.

Waller says people are being smarter with their money. “Now, if they sell a four-bedroom house in Camberwell, they will buy a country property in Castlemaine and simultaneously buy a townhouse in Fairfield, Kew or Richmond,” he says.

Long-time Northcote residents Jules Bondy and Meghan Anders and their two children attempted to move to Castlemaine over a decade ago, but failed.

“I set it up so our Northcote house would be auctioned one hour before the house in Castlemaine,” Bondy remembers. But no one bought the Jessie Street property. There were no offers, so I couldn’t bid and it was sold at auction. That was bad,” he recalls. Ten years later, a now renovated Jessie Street is hitting the market.

“The draw to the north may have ebbed slightly but it never really left. We saw this gorgeous property, like a dream house, not in Castlemaine, but in Mount Macedon – it’s the new Castlemaine!” he jokes.

Bondy, a public servant, will continue working in Melbourne, and is expecting a 48-minute commute on the train to the CBD, while Anders, a primary school teacher, will look for work closer to her new home.

Anders is Melbourne born and bred, but has long dreamed of moving to the country. “Making the leap now has given us such a deep sense of being alive!” she says, though admits the hardest thing will be losing the proximity to friends and family, and the cinema.

Source: Domain article by Jayne D’Arcy

What Homebuyers Look For

KHov_peoriaThere are plenty of views about what home buyers are looking for 


Dwell Beautiful

Michelle McKinnon writes about some of the obvious features to promote when selling your home, but you might be surprised by some of the things buyers are looking for.

Home buyers usually have a list of key features in mind when they start hunting for a home.

And while sellers know it’s important to play up key features such as a swimming pool, many vendors neglect to emphasise some of the more mundane things home buyers look for.

So we’ve compiled a list of seven things home buyers most want, based on a survey we conducted late last year to uncover what home buyers get a second opinion on.

It shows that while 73 per cent of buyers put price at the top of the list and 65 per cent prioritise location, many other elements make it a home worth purchasing.

1. A second living area

Living space is paramount in the modern home, so make sure your real estate marketing mentions any extra living space you have, even if it’s only a small sunroom.

Frank Valentic of Advantage Property Group, who has judged renovations on the Nine Network’s program The Block, says open-plan living is highly sought after by home buyers.

“This is particularly the case for families who have children, who are seeking enough space to allow children to play in a separate area,” he says.

2. Renovated wet areas

A renovated bathroom and kitchen are paramount. Renovated kitchens particularly give real bang for your buck.

Valentic says a large kitchen with wide bench space is very important. “Kitchens are double the size they were 10 years ago. Home buyers want a huge amount of space and modern amenities in the kitchen.”

3. Outdoor entertaining

Most buyers would like an outside area that flows well from the indoors. Soft furnishings such as waterproof cushions in the outdoor space can make it homely and comfortable.

Valentic adds that the seating area needs to offer protection from the sun. “Outdoor entertaining areas are always well received by home buyers,” he says.

4. Natural light

Don’t underestimate how beneficial natural light is when you’re selling your home, so make sure you play up this feature.

Such features include a north-facing orientation if you have it, and skylights or other natural light sources.

Chris Teakle, director of Melbourne’s Prime Estate, says a northerly aspect that allows in plenty of natural light is highly sought after. “A light and bright home is a huge selling point, no matter who the potential buyer is,” he says.

5. A backyard

Having enough space in the backyard to kick a football around is the great Australian dream. Teakle says most buyers ask about the backyard size before committing to an inspection.

“Some grass under foot and a bit of space to play with kids outdoors is what everyone wants,” he says.

6. Storage

You can never have too much storage so remember to mention all your home has. This includes built-in wardrobes, space under a staircase, in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoors.

“I’ve never had a client complain of too much storage, so make sure you play up this feature,” Teakle says.

7. Decent-sized bedrooms

Bedrooms that offer built-in storage and enough floor space for a reasonable amount of furniture will be well received by buyers.

Teakle says: “Everyone wants to know that there’s enough bedroom space for kids to be able to play in their room. So if you’ve got decent space, make sure you play this feature up.”

What do you think are the essential features of a property? Tell us in the comments below.

The Right Agent


The owners of this property in Barkers Creek met Nick Haslam when they were inspecting other properties in the area. It was Nick’s proactive approach and the sense that it would be possible to build a working relationship with him that prompted them to sell their Barker’s Creek property through Waller Realty rather than another agent who they had considered using. Nick proved to be the right agent for them.

Nick HaslamNick met all their expectations and they really appreciated that he quite literally kept them in the loop at all all times. They were particularly impressed with Nick’s understanding of the value of their property and his insight about who would be drawn to a property which, in their words, was ‘off the grid, up a bush road’! Nick only encouraged people, who he genuinely believed would be a match, to inspect. The owners were very grateful that he did not waste everyone’s time.

If you are looking for an agent who you will give you a realistic value, work with you and respond to your individual needs then Nick is an agent who has developed an impeccable reputation in and around Castlemaine. Do not hesitate to contact him if you are interested in buying or if you are seeking an appraisal for your property.


Totally Transparent

This property in Maclise Street, Fryerstown did not sell overnight. The owner had dealt with a number of other real estate agents and had become frustrated by the process. He did not hold any of them in high regard. 

By contrast he found Nick Haslam, at Waller Realty, to be ‘remarkably hardworking’, open and direct. One thing that impressed this vendor was that from the outset Nick bought positive energy to the transaction and was clearly determined to achieve the best possible result. He found Nick to be totally transparent and appreciated that he rang each Monday, over almost an eighteen month period, to update him about any progress. The owner felt that in being so hardworking Nick had gone over and above any expectations he might have had and says that it was “his consistent communication which meant the most to him during this process”.

Nick is becoming known as one of the most determined and hard working real estate agents in the area. If you are after a professional, honest and fresh approach towards the sale of your property please don’t hesitate to contact Nick and see the difference he can make for you.


No Silver Bullets – Work Seals Deals


Talk to the owner of this master built stone home in Castlemaine Street Fryerstown  and he will affirm that there are no silver bullets for agents selling homes – especially at the top end of the market. ‘These days you can’t just put an advertisement in the paper’ he said. ‘You have to work!’

Having changed from an agent who had the property on the market for a year he noticed that what distinguished Wallers was that

  • they took steps to extend their reach by advertising in Melbourne papers and by presenting the option of having a highly individualised, professionally assembled web feature showcasing additional features of the property.
  • their team understood the property, ‘pulled out all stops’ and were immediately contacting and bringing potential buyers in for inspections.
Nick Haslam

Nick Haslam

Jim valued working with Nick Haslam, a man he sees as having strong ties within the Fryerstown community. In particular Jim appreciated Nick’s philosophy that clients – sellers and buyers alike – must receive superior personal service every time.  He felt that Nick’s preparedness to ‘go the extra mile’ was exceptional. Not only did Nick spend hours following up with interested parties, taking time to respond to their individual needs, but he gave Jim comprehensive daily feedback and kept him in the loop.

Be your home at either end of the market, be you buyer or seller, you need to be assured that your agent is on your side and is willing to work with you. Choose an agent like Nick Haslam and, according to Jim, you can be assured your have a highly experienced sales warrior on your side.


Proactive Sales Approach Triumphs


After having had this Barkers Creek property on the market for thirteen months, with not a sign of any interest and negligible action, the owner, after meeting Nick Haslam at an Open for Inspection, switched to Waller Realty.

The property was sold within a month!

Obviously delighted by the Waller strike rate, this owner explained that a key difference was the companies proactive approach to selling.

The sales team, including Nick Haslam and Tom Robertson appeared to initiate change rather than reacting to events. They made it clear that they would keep the owner in the loop, even if nothing appeared to be happening and they were as good as their word.

From the time good photographs were presented the owner noted the difference and started to feel that something was happening.

It is this proactive, personable approach which separates Wallers from many Real Estate Agents.

Who Has Been Sleeping In My House?

One of Castlemaine's most prominent commercial buildings, George Clark Place at 203-205 Barker Street still bears the relief across the front 'Geo Glark & Son'. This large two storey warehouse was the city's major store for mining supplies, groceries and hardware.

One of Castlemaine’s most prominent commercial buildings, George Clark Place at 203-205 Barker Street still bears the relief across the front ‘Geo Glark & Son’. This large two storey warehouse was the city’s major store for mining supplies, groceries and hardware.

How much do you really know about the home you’ve been living in? Do you know who has been sleeping in your house since it was built? If you’re in an older home, looking into its history can help you learn some interesting facts about it. And when it comes time to sell your home this information might just impress potential buyers.

An example of how this information can be used may be seen in a recent site created for Clevedon Manor here in Castlemaine. Note the range of material that makes this feature quite distinctive from the usual marketing material. The owners had a file of very interesting ephemera which combined to tell a narrative about the home.

Not everyone has a file like this.

Researching your home’s history can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Look up land and property records: You can find out who owned the land you’re on in the past by doing a title or deed search. You can learn about changes made to your property over the years by looking up tax records.
  • Research census data: Looking up local census data helps you learn more about your home’s previous owners. You can find out things like how much they paid for your home and how many kids they had.
  • Talk to others: Ask around to see if your neighbors know anything about your home’s previous owners. Local business owners might also have information for you on your home’s history.
  • Examine your house: Look for telltale signs of changes, like different types of bricks, exposed rafters and old paint or wallpaper in closets.
  • Do additional research: Read books about researching your home’s history. These should be available in local bookstores and your local library.

Knows The Market

High Street ChewtonThe owner of this property in Chewton initially selected Wallers to provide an appraisal for the sale of his property because of their reputation for doing a top job. He took the next step and signed up with Nick Haslam because, unlike others who came, Nick took the time to see what was actually being offered, took in all the detail, saw the potentialities and crunched a realistic figure that was in line with what the property was actually worth.

It was very clear that Nick understood the market and the owners sensed that they could trust him.

To affirm his sense that this agent was truly operating for him the owner wants to share that he had a ‘stake out’ when the place was open for inspection. From the stakeout he established the interest level for himself, but perhaps most importantly, saw that Nick genuinely spent quality time with all of the people who came. He observed that Nick displayed genuine interest in the property and ‘worked’!

“People want to know this kind of information” said this owner. “They want to know that an agent and the agency can be trusted to give their all and work for them.”

Nick came up trumps! “He brokered a good deal for all parties, called it correctly, exuded confidence, acted as an excellent third party broker, gave his all and sold within seven weeks”.

Realistic and Honest

Johnstone Street Castlemaine

When the owners of this property in Johnstone Street decided to sell they approached a number of agents in town. It became obvious that some of these agents did not really understand their personal needs or their property and they were not confident that a sale would be readily forthcoming.

After meeting Nick Haslam at an Open for Inspection the vendors sensed that he understood them and their specific needs. They felt confident that he would have their best interests at heart and so they signed with Wallers.

While the process was far from stress free because of complications that had to be juggled, they will, unhesitatingly, tell you that Nick guided them, facilitated the process and pulled off a quick sale.  During the process he always answered all questions and gave realistic and honest advice.

Similarly it was Nick who helped them as they purchased a home in Taylor Street. They are very satisfied with the process and have no hesitation in recommending Nick and Wallers to others who are looking to buy or sell their homes.