Finding the right buyer


The owners of Whitegum Road in Barkers Creek bought the property from Waller Realty when they relocated to the region from interstate. The last nine years were spent enjoying life in their hilltop home, close to family and the community they’d come to love, but by late 2016 they’d decided it was time to downsize and move into town.

Liz Bell was well known to them both as a real estate agent and local business owner. They felt confident she was the right person to sell their property. They were right. It took Liz just four weeks to secure a successful sale.

According to the couple, Liz was extremely professional and worked hard to understand what was important to them. They were particularly impressed with her ability to target their property to the right buyers.

Selling a property with land, Whitegum Road sits on four acres, is different to selling a property in town with the convenience of services like town water and where everything is within an easy walk or drive. This modern and stylish home, with its stunning 180-degree views, easily captured the hearts of potential buyers; it took someone like Liz, who understood the property, the market and rural living, to turn that interest into a sale.

The owners initially thought their property should be pitched at the Melbourne market and needed direct exposure in Melbourne print media. Liz convinced them that this strategy, which can be very costly, was not the way to go initially. She felt that listing on the Waller website, sites like and in local print, combined with her relationships with buyers already in the market would give them enough exposure. She was right. The property had interest from both local and Melbourne buyers and within weeks they had a serious offer.

The couple describe the whole experience of working with Liz as ‘absolutely wonderful’ and are extremely happy with the result she was able to achieve.

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Consistently Personable and Professional

When it comes to selling one’s most valuable asset it is very important to have the right professional working with you. Waller Realty is, without question, the biggest real estate firm in Castlemaine and some people wonder if, because of the size of the operation, they may not get the personal attention they would like.

However, speak to the owners of these two properties and any such fears will be allayed. Both vendors felt that Liz Bell took the time to understand their properties and their personal needs and that her personable approach made all the difference. They all felt confident that she was working for them and that she had their interests at heart.

It is very evident that no matter the property value the feedback about Liz Bell’s work is the same. These vendors will tell you that she is totally professional and that her manner not only instills confidence but removes any stress. Aside from being impressively personable a distinguishing feature of Liz’s work is that goes out of her way to understand properties and to respond to individual needs.

At the end of the day, it is not about the size of a company it is about the personal touch, the depth and range of experience of the agents who work at Wallers.  It is a “terrific, professional operator” like Liz who will remove the stress and make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Liz is well known for her professionalism.  If you are after a professional, personable approach towards the sale of your property please don’t hesitate to contact her and see the difference she can make for you.

Ticks All The Boxes

Good quality real estate agents can be hard to find. As a house seller or buyer it can be stressful dealing with an agent who is not a great communicator. The real estate market is time sensitive, so you need an agent who will let you know quickly where you stand with your current buying or selling situation. It is not surprising, therefore, that when you find an agent who ticks the box on the qualities an effective agent has you will turn to them time and again.

Speak to the vendors who sold this property in Adam Street Castlemaine and they will tell you that their agent, Liz Bell, is ‘worth her weight in house bricks of gold.’

Liz BellLiz has helped them buy and sell a number of properties and, according to them Liz reads her clients needs and has proved to be ‘more than a little bit fabulous’. Not only is she a good communicator but she is proactive, reads her clients and meets specific needs.

Unlike other agents they have used Liz did not waste their time showing them properties that did not meet their requirements, she listened to what they wanted, had their interest at heart, worked within their time frame and closed deals swiftly.

Summer Sales

SummerThere are an number of things to think about before selling your home. This is a time of big change so you’ll want to make the best of the situation to ensure you get the best result possible. If you’re looking to sell over the warmer months there are a couple of things you can do to make your property appeal to a summer buyer.

Maximising outdoor space

It’s easy to let the summer sun get in the way of going some routine gardening but making sure that your outdoor area looks its best is a sure way to capture a buyer’s attention. Your buyers will be looking for a space where they can enjoy the sun so sprucing up the exterior of your home and keeping a high level of kerb appeal will massively improve your chances of securing a sale. Water the grass and garden so it looks lush come inspection time and clean up any outdoor entertaining areas. A lick of paint on fences or a new coat of oil on your deck will freshen up the outside’s appearance.

Keep it cool

Scheduling inspections at the beginning of the day can have two benefits. First, buyers are more likely to venture out house hunting earlier in the morning when they have plenty of time rather than late in the afternoon when the day’s coming to an end. Second, an early inspection will avoid the heat of the afternoon sun. There is nothing worse than a stuffy home so keeping doors and windows open for ventilation or switching the air con on low will make the inside a pleasant place to be on a warm day. Little details like a vase of flowers or a scented candle can also make the indoors a nice place to be.

Summer clean

Forget spring – summer is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your home. If your kids are off school for the holidays get them involved in the clean up. Not only does decluttering add a bit of polish, it can help put you in the right frame of mind for a move.

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Professional and Approachable

Blakely Road Castlemaine

Speak to the vendors of this charming property in Blakely Road Castlemaine and they will tell you how pleased they were with the sale of their property.

They chose Waller Realty because they had heard of their proven sales record and they were not disappointed. They were won over by Liz Bell’s professional honesty, her appreciation and understanding of the property and her empathy and effective communication. They felt that this made all the difference to the sales process.

The owners particularly appreciated the fact that Liz  was dependable, energetic and proactive. She followed up after an open for inspection and provided detailed feedback about comments and responses of those who came. They found Liz easy to talk to and appreciated her obliging, responsive manner. They also valued the fact that was ready to answer any questions and that if there was any doubt that she would seek clarification and get back to them quickly.

On the basis of their personal experience these owners have no hesitation in recommending the services of Waller Realty.

Liz Bell

Meet Liz Bell

Sarah and I count ourselves extremely lucky to have had Liz Bell working for us on both sides of the real estate equation. She not only sold our house within three weeks, but in the same period introduced us to our new home and made both transactions seamless. She’s more than just a little bit fabulous.

Liz BellLiz Bell has lived and worked in the Central Victorian Goldfields for many years, having previous experience in media sales and retail management.

Liz’s detailed approach to servicing client’s needs ensures that the process of buying and selling is as streamlined and stress free as possible.  Having renovated a number of properties, Liz brings a unique perspective to the marketing process of real estate with an interior design qualification aiding vendors to present and promote their property at its best.

A firm believer in an open and transparent sales environment, Liz understands that good communication is key to clients achieving their real estate goals.