Nurturing our newest mums

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a perfect time to celebrate a place that nurtures new mums in our region, Castlemaine Health.

Castlemaine Heath has a long history of providing birthing services to the women and families of our community. Offering a safe, homelike environment with three modern birthing rooms, a team of experienced and dedicated midwives and the support of a network of local GP Obstetricians.

The Family Birthing Suite suits women with a low risk of pregnancy and birth complications.

“We offer a comfortable, safe, friendly space to birth in a natural way,” says Cate Wotley, Maternity Enhancement Coordinator at Castlemaine Health. “We have double beds and en suites so partners can stay and women can bring in any support people or props they want.”

“Our approach is woman-centred. It’s all about enabling them to birth naturally, instinctively and actively in a safe space with good support,” adds Cate.

The team of midwives at Castlemaine Health work closely with a group of GP Obstetricians based in Castlemaine. Women see their GP throughout their pregnancy, coming in to the hospital several times to attend ante natal classes and have routine scans and tests. A woman’s GP is present at every birth.

“Research has shown that having a known carer throughout pregnancy, labour and birth is really important,” says Cate. “For women in our community that’s their GP Obstetrician.”

Once baby is born women tend to stay on in hospital for two to three days. If they want to go home early, midwives will arrange for additional home visits so everyone gets the support they need.

New mothers are linked in with the local Maternal and Child Health service when they come home from hospital and, if they need it, support from services like the Australian Breastfeeding Association, counselling and mother and baby services. They’re also linked in with the many local parenting and play groups.

“We have an excellent network of support services for new mums and young families in the community, says Cate. “And because we’re small we all know each other really well.”

If you’re planning for a baby or already expecting and would like to know more about the Family Birthing Suite at Castlemaine Health call the Maternity Enhancement Coordinator on 5471 1471.

Waller Realty is proud to have supported the Family Birthing Suite at Castlemaine Health for more than 20 years. We’d like to wish all the mums in our community, especially our new mums, a very happy Mother’s Day.