They Sell Houses

‘At the end of the day they are the crew who are selling houses in this area. Lots of people who have been with other agents end up jumping ship and turn to Wallers’

BarkersCreek16 months on, when this property in Barkers Creek was still on the market, the owners of this property might have made the shift to another agent. They didn’t do this because Tom Robertson had never led them to believe that it would be easy and because they felt that he was genuinely working hard for them and had the capacity to attract a lot of potential buyers.

Over the months the owners came to understand the realities of the real estate sale process. Not only did they come to understand that it was a ‘buyers market’ but they realised that a home on the hill doesn’t suit everyone and that it was often small detail about the house and property that stopped potential buyers from committing.

Despite having some moments during the process, Terry will tell you that he has absolutely no problem recommending Waller Realty and Tom Robertson in  particular. He would not deal with anyone else!

According to Terry, Tom well and truly earned his commission. Not only did he consistently attract potential buyers to well attended Open Days but he never ‘fed them any nonsense’ and he was always kept them ‘in the loop’. Perhaps most importantly Terry felt that it was Tom’s ‘tough’ negotiating skills which finally enabled them to seal the deal and secure the best the market would offer at the time.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson

The bottom line is that selling your home is a major life event. In this situation having an objective, honest agent who is genuinely on your side takes some of the stress out of the process.