No Silver Bullets – Work Seals Deals


Talk to the owner of this master built stone home in Castlemaine Street Fryerstown  and he will affirm that there are no silver bullets for agents selling homes – especially at the top end of the market. ‘These days you can’t just put an advertisement in the paper’ he said. ‘You have to work!’

Having changed from an agent who had the property on the market for a year he noticed that what distinguished Wallers was that

  • they took steps to extend their reach by advertising in Melbourne papers and by presenting the option of having a highly individualised, professionally assembled web feature showcasing additional features of the property.
  • their team understood the property, ‘pulled out all stops’ and were immediately contacting and bringing potential buyers in for inspections.
Nick Haslam

Nick Haslam

Jim valued working with Nick Haslam, a man he sees as having strong ties within the Fryerstown community. In particular Jim appreciated Nick’s philosophy that clients – sellers and buyers alike – must receive superior personal service every time.  He felt that Nick’s preparedness to ‘go the extra mile’ was exceptional. Not only did Nick spend hours following up with interested parties, taking time to respond to their individual needs, but he gave Jim comprehensive daily feedback and kept him in the loop.

Be your home at either end of the market, be you buyer or seller, you need to be assured that your agent is on your side and is willing to work with you. Choose an agent like Nick Haslam and, according to Jim, you can be assured your have a highly experienced sales warrior on your side.