Budget DIY Tips

Colourful PillowsCan’t afford to spend the big bucks on new furniture but crave a new look? There are plenty of thrifty ways to give your home a refresher without breaking the bank. Here are some innovative ways to make the old look just as good as the new:

  • Give Wood Furniture a New Life: If you have wood furniture in your home that visibly shows its age, breathe some life back into it with mayonnaise. Sound funny? Well, it works! Apply a thin coat of mayonnaise to the wood and let it sit for a couple of hours. The oil in the mayonnaise not only brings out the deep, rich colours the wood had years ago but also helps cover any water marks.
  • Switch out Door Knobs, Handles and Hinges: Even though it may seem small, switching out old fixtures can make a world of a difference. Not only are they inexpensive but the installation is quick and easy, too.
  • Add New Cushion or Pillow Covers: You can switch up the look of your couch with little to no effort by changing the fabric. Easier than reupholstering, you can simply sew new covers out of extra pieces of fabric lying around the house, or purchase some at a low cost!
  • Add a Touch of Stainless Steel: Didn’t think you could give your fixtures the stainless steel look without breaking the bank? Think again! Add peel-and-stick contact paper with a stainless steel finish to attain the same façade, without the hefty price.