Professional Authenticity

Andrew Street

Why is it so hard to just be who we are? Sometimes when we are uncertain of who we really are, we “try on” identities like clothes. Or, we pretend to be like some ideal because we think that is what people want.

The bottom line is that people who are genuinely authentic stand out. The vendors of this property hold Tom Robertson in high regard because of his authenticity.

From the outset they found Tom to be genuine! He didn’t fake interest once he had signed up to sell their home in Andrew Street Castlemaine. Quite the contrary! He provided sound advice, listened and heard what they wanted and stayed on the same page throughout the process. Tom kept them in the loop, returned calls promptly and consistently dealt efficiently with any questions or issues.

Authenticity is a gateway to relationships! The vendors of this property felt they had a meaningful, collaborative relationship with Tom and they have no hesitation recommending him and Waller Realty as the agency to work with.

Clearly authenticity is the key ingredient to lasting influence!

Tom  Robertson

Tom Robertson