Maximize Social Networks

FacebookFacebook your home’s listing. Facebook is the great connector of people these days. If you have 200 friends and they each have 200 friends, imagine the power of that network in getting the word out about your house!

Let your neighbours choose their neighbours. If you belong to neighbourhood online message boards or email lists, send a link to your home’s online listing to your neighbours. Also, invite your neighbours to your open house – turn it into a street party. That creates opportunities for your neighbours to sell the neighbourhood to prospective buyers and for your neighbours to invite house hunters they know who have always wanted to live in the area.

Post a video love letter about your home on YouTube. Get a $125 FlipCam and walk through your home AND your neighbourhood, telling prospective buyers about the best bits – what your family loved about the house, your favorite bakery or coffee shop that you frequented on Saturday mornings, etc. Buyers like to know that a home was well-loved, and it helps them visualise living a great life there, too.

Have us create a web feature on your house and then send a link through all your social media networks. We can always include your YouTube video as a part of the presentation.