Sustained Support Brings Results

We Sell

Some properties sell more quickly that others but Wallers have a track record of selling, of sustaining interest no matter how long it takes. The owner of this striking Federation home in Brown Street, Castlemaine knew that Wallers have the reputation of being the ‘top sellers’ in Castlemaine and is thrilled with the recent sale.

When talking about the process the owner made it clear that Tom Roberston’s work throughout the time the home was on the market was characterised by his responsiveness. She made a particular point of mentioning that Tom’s responses were always timely, no matter how small her query or concern may have been.

This delighted owner also noted that Tom never lost interest in her home, that he stuck by her, supported her though the negotiation process and was very present throughout the whole journey.


Tom  Robertson

Tom Robertson

Aside from being delighted with the personal responsiveness of the agent, the owner was most impressed with how the property was marketed through the Waller Web site and the personalised blog feature. She was very happy that the firm kept her property prominently displayed throughout. She has no hesitation in recommending Wallers and affirms the company motto of ‘We Sell’!