Home Buyer Deal Breakers

Faulty WiringWhen potential buyers are looking at your home, some things may send them running out the door. They may be able to look beyond wallpaper that just isn’t to their liking, but if you have one of these home buying deal breakers when selling a home, they need to be addressed prior to showing:


Mold has received a lot of attention for being a pervasive problem that can cause health issues. If you have mold in your home, it can pay to take measures such as replacing a bathroom fan or calling in an expert in mold removal.

Leaks or drainage issues

If you have a water line in your basement, prospective buyers may be concerned. Especially if it’s located where the walls meet the floor, it can mean drainage issues. If it’s higher, buyers may assume your roof leaks or you have damaged pipes.

Similarly, if a buyer sees a lot of standing water in the crawlspace, they may be turned off.

Plumbing problems

Buyers will want to know that the water pressure and drainage in your home is adequate, so they may turn on the faucets and flush the toilets. A water heater with signs of rust or leakage can also be a red flag.

Old or bad wiring

Check plugs and sockets for scorches, and make sure they’re not hot. Flickering lights can also make a potential buyer think there may be electrical issues in your home. Exposed wires are a hazard that will need to be addressed, and they’re a sign that some do-it-yourself work was probably done.

If you have home buying deal breakers when selling a home, you’ll want to have them addressed before showing your home. Once a buyer moves on, you probably won’t be able to get them back.