Home is Where The Heart Is

Hearth and HomeValentines Day draws attention to the topic of love and relationships. However, not all significant relationships revolve around people. Another kind of loving relationship is the one people have with their home and it is this dynamic  which weighs heavily on the real estate process.

Of all the profound sayings passed down through generations, none is truer than “home is where the heart is.” To many people, a home serves as the foundation for every aspect of their life. It brings you comfort, keeps you grounded and surrounds you with love. A home bestows a sense of familiarity in an ever-changing world, and acts as a safety net from today’s harshest realities. Home truly is where the heart is.

Recognising this makes the job of our real estate agents that much harder, but also that much more rewarding. When selling a home, you aren’t just selling a structure with a front lawn and driveway – you’re initiating a new chapter in someone’s life story. While most professions require keeping emotions separate from the workplace, real estate professionals have the unique responsibility of operating on a personal, often emotional level with their clients. Getting to know an individual or a family from inside out helps to paint a picture of their wants and needs – both equally important factors in finding the home of their dreams.

As any agent knows, moving forward with a purchase, or a sale for that matter, can bring about fear and hesitation. When approaching each job, the agent truly needs to put their heart into the home, asking things like: “would I want my child to grow up here?” or “do I really think this space will make them happy?” We believe that providing a supportive, trustworthy, understanding environment for clients is key to achieving a successful outcome.