What Seniors Look For In A Home

house-for-saleMore seniors are choosing to buy a new home rather than live in an apartment or retirement community. When looking at homes for sale, seniors should focus on finding one that has had modifications made for aging in place. This makes the home safer and more convenient to live in.

Common home modifications for seniors include: (Note this is an American site but has good points to consider)

  • Grab bars and railings. Having these in shower stalls, next to toilets, and in hallways helps lower the risk of falls.
  • Walk-in tubs. Replacing a standard tub with a walk-in one makes bathrooms safer for seniors. Walk-in tubs allow people to step right into the tub instead of having to step over a lip. Some are even wheelchair-accessible.
  • Wider doorways and halls. Having wider doorways and halls allows seniors with walkers or wheelchairs to move through the house more easily without struggling to get through narrower spaces.
  • Pull out shelves. These shelves roll or slide out of cabinets and other spaces, making it easier for seniors to use them for storage. Having pull out shelves means they don’t have to try to reach into deeper areas.
  • Fixtures that are easy to use. Home modifications for seniors sometimes include light switches that are larger than normal and levers instead of knobs on faucets. These modifications make these fixtures more convenient for seniors to use.
  • Non-skid strips. These strips can go on bathroom and kitchen floors and on stair edges to reduce the risk of falling. They’re easy to install and are often found in slippery areas.
  • Security systems. In addition to alerting residents to a possible break-in, these systems also provide remote monitoring services and can serve as personal emergency response systems for seniors.