Thinking of Selling Over Summer Holidays?

Go VintageAsk someone when the best time of year to list a home would be, and the holiday season is usually not on the top of the list. There are many positive tips for showing your home over the holidays. Enlisting the help of Waller Realty to help in preparing you, your home, and everything associated in the sale of a home is reassuring and comforting during any time of year, especially during the holidays.

Typical home preparation.

Here are some  tips for showing your home over the holidays.

  • Clean every corner of your home.
  • Repair the little things and a few big things.
  • Remove clutter of personal items, extra clothing, large furniture, toys, and pet items.
  • Maintain lawn, clean gutters, trim shrubs, and trees.
  • If weather permits, power wash, paint or stain fences, home exterior, decks and shutters.

Holiday Decor is a plus

  • As a rule, fall and winter themed decor is appropriate and encouraged.
  • Try a minimalist approach when decorating.
  • White miniature lights outside are inviting and add ambiance to a home.

Holiday Open Houses are Inviting and Festive

  • Turn the temperature up to a cozy level.
  • Baking before an open house makes the home smell homey.
  • Making coffee and having it out for potential buyers can make them feel at home.
  • Turning on the lights inside and out gives your home an inviting, receptive atmosphere

Clean and Inviting tips

  • Go through your home daily and remove anything you wouldn’t want potential buyers to see
  • Refresh any air fresheners in bath and kitchen areas
  • Remove trash right away to reduce odors.