Features that add to value

Conventional wisdom holds that prospective buyers are drawn to a home’s kitchen, baths, and obvious upgrades such as hardwood floors and large closets. But there are also many overlooked upgrades that help a home stand out, provide additional security, or boost convenience. Some of the most sought after, yet often overlooked upgrades, include:Security Doors

  • In-ground lawn irrigation An in-ground irrigation system offers homeowners a yard that essentially waters itself. Gone are the days of hauling a garden hose across the yard to keep the grass green and the garden soaked.
  • Energy efficient windows Upgraded energy efficient windows may be hard to spot, but they make themselves known by helping keep the house warm, eliminating leaks and drafts, and working to reduce a home’s heating and cooling costs.
  • Cast iron pipes Pipes sit deep in the walls of a home, causing cast iron pipes to easily be one of the most overlooked home features. Cast iron plumbing is far sturdier than the standard PVC pipes and provides more comprehensive sound insulation.
  • Security door  A steel security door offers your family an excellent combination of safety and insulation. A steel door is far more secure than the conventional hollow core door installed on most homes. It also works to dampen exterior sounds and provides exceptional insulation.