Common Home Inspection Issues

WiringThe home buying process wouldn’t be complete without a home inspection. This inspection turns up any problems with the home that the buyers might not have been aware of. Depending on what types of problems show up and how serious they are, a buyer might decide not to purchase the home.

These are some of the most common home inspection issues that come up:

  • Water damage. This is among the most serious problems that home inspectors find. Water damage can range from unsightly stains to mold growth or foundation issues, which are very costly to repair.
  • Faulty wiring. This is a common problem in older homes, where the electrical system isn’t able to handle modern electrical demands. Exposed wires can also pose a potential fire risk, since they are more prone to damage than concealed wires.
  • Roof problems. Roof issues can range from replacing a missing or loose tile to needing the entire roof replaced due to aging, improper installation or excessive water damage.
  • Plumbing problems. Leaks are among the most common home inspection issues. Depending on how serious the leak is and how long it’s been going on, repairing it can be a minor fix or a much more expensive one.
  • Poor attic insulation and ventilation. These problems lead to the home losing more heat in winter and letting in more hot air during summer, which causes higher energy bills.
  • HVAC issues. Problems caused by heating and cooling systems that are older or haven’t been properly maintained are also commonly found during home inspections. HVAC issues can also occur if the system wasn’t properly installed.