Knows The Market

High Street ChewtonThe owner of this property in Chewton initially selected Wallers to provide an appraisal for the sale of his property because of their reputation for doing a top job. He took the next step and signed up with Nick Haslam because, unlike others who came, Nick took the time to see what was actually being offered, took in all the detail, saw the potentialities and crunched a realistic figure that was in line with what the property was actually worth.

It was very clear that Nick understood the market and the owners sensed that they could trust him.

To affirm his sense that this agent was truly operating for him the owner wants to share that he had a ‘stake out’ when the place was open for inspection. From the stakeout he established the interest level for himself, but perhaps most importantly, saw that Nick genuinely spent quality time with all of the people who came. He observed that Nick displayed genuine interest in the property and ‘worked’!

“People want to know this kind of information” said this owner. “They want to know that an agent and the agency can be trusted to give their all and work for them.”

Nick came up trumps! “He brokered a good deal for all parties, called it correctly, exuded confidence, acted as an excellent third party broker, gave his all and sold within seven weeks”.