Economical Enhancements

Door Knob SetYou don’t have to do major renovations to improve your home’s appearance. If you’re thinking of selling but don’t have a lot set aside for home improvement projects, there are plenty of cheaper ways to make your home more visually appealing. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your home on a budget:

  • Change doorknobs. New doorknobs can make a great impression on house guests or potential buyers. You can either replace them entirely or paint over your existing doorknobs with spray paint that’s made for use on metal surfaces.
  • Get new lighting. Buying a new lamp or having smaller fixtures installed can boost a room’s appearance by making it look better and providing more light for reading or performing other tasks.
  • Paint an interior door. Consider painting an interior door in a bold color to create visual interest. This brighter color can refresh any room and draw attention to certain features, such as a pantry.
  • Replace cabinet handles. Get rid of dull or tarnished cabinet handles in your kitchen or bathroom, and replace them with new ones. This simple task adds instant shine to these rooms, which happen to be the ones that are usually the most important for buyers.
  • Paint rooms. Painting is a cost-effective and quick way to improve any room’s appearance. For some rooms, all you’ll need is one can of paint. Choose a color that brings out a background tone in the room, or go with an accent wall in a bolder color to liven up the room.