Fixing a Small Garden

Small-garden-space-006Here are five ways to fix up a small yard:

  • Container gardening: If you don’t have space for flower beds, you don’t have to forego any type of vegetation in your yard. Set up smaller gardens in containers, so your yard is still filled with flowers and plants. To make it look even more impressive, go with a theme instead of having random plants or flowers around.
  • Focal point: Place a sculpture or other large decorative item in your yard to serve as a focal point. This helps you avoid cluttering up your yard with several smaller items and   makes a better impression on buyers.
  • Minimal furniture: Place furniture with a minimal design in your yard instead of having clunky furniture, which will make your yard look even smaller. Choose chairs or tables with thin metal frames rather than heavy wood frames, for example.
  • Side yard: Don’t forget to make use of your side yard, if you have one. Turn it into a gardening nook filled with your favorite flowers or a relaxation spot with a comfortable chair or bench.
  • Vertical space: Take advantage of vertical space to make your yard feel bigger. Put up hanging plants or planting columns instead of having several plants scattered around your yard