Finger On The Pulse

Sold Campbell's CreekWhile many agents secure listings by quoting unrealistic prices Tom Robertson can be relied on to be honest and to come in with a figure that he knows that the market is prepared to pay. He has a track record for actually sealing deals and selling properties.

The executor dealing with the sale of this Clinker Brick home in Campbell’s Creek stuck to her guns and her mother’s wishes and, despite some unrealistic quotes from others, went to Wallers. She cannot speak highly enough of the business.

She was impressed by the diversity of their listings and the way they conduct business. She found Tom Robertson to be an ally and a mainstay though out what proved to be a complicated process. While Tom’s honesty stood out she was also thrilled that he was persistent, was an effective  problem solver, made himself available and always got back to her promptly when she made contact. She was also impressed with his network of contacts and his realistic marketing approach.

It was very evident that this was a sale which benefited from the executor and agent working in close liaison as a team.