Federation Beauty on Acreage

Brown Street Landscape
Federation Features

In the beginning, not so long ago, there was a 5 acre, untouched parcel of land, lying in a premium part of Castlemaine. The people who came to this land saw that they could realize a dream and they carved the space where the Federation home of their dreams could nestle, tucked into their ‘Great Wall’ of Castlemaine.

Using personal photographs of the features of premium Federation homes, photographs taken of prestigious homes in leafy Melbourne suburbs, they sought the draftsman and builder who could take their vision and make it a reality.

Today, as you enter this carefully carved world, aside from being taken by the striking authenticity of the Federation Home and the lifestyle it offers, you cannot help but wonder if you are still in Castlemaine, or if you have been spirited to a more remote bush block, enjoying classic views of Mt Franklin.

This home and property at 9-11 Brown Street demands to be noticed, is eager to share its story and is looking for someone who values all that she represents. This home is waiting for more people to come, bringing their family and friends to fill the vast rooms and spacious living areas with the joy that it knows so well.

Be an early bird and contact Tom Robertson for more details!

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