Highlight A Focal Point

Home Styling

When preparing your home for sale it is wise to remember that most people respond well when their eyes are drawn to a focal point. If there is no discernable focal point, or if it is cluttered over, the result is confusion and underwhelm.

A focal point is an area specifically meant to draw attention and create interest in a room. It punctuates the room and makes it inviting. The focal point could be an architectural detail, a fireplace with a great mirror above it, a large beautiful painting, a lovely cabinet, and so on. Each room needs a focal point to help it feel balanced. Go throughout your home and see if you can clearly identify a focal point in each room. If a focal point is cluttered or non-existent, take some steps to improve it or create a new one.

If you have no key architectural features, highlight one of your larger pieces of furniture. You could feature an armoire and top it with a lovely plant, your bed can become the focal point with lovely bedding and cushions and an impactful picture hung above it. Your sofa may become a focal point when centered on a wall with artwork placed above it and other furniture pointing toward it.

If you choose a window as the focal point, angle your furniture towards it and dress the window. While there may be a stunning view during the day, at night it will need some interesting drapery to compensate.

A colorful picture can become the focal point if it is larger and more colorful than anything else is in the room. Otherwise, a collection of pictures spaced attractively in a grouping can have a similar effect.

Whatever you chose as your focal point, highlight it with lighting. Lamps may be placed on either side of it, spotlights might be pointed on it, a picture light may be hung above it, and so on.

Let the other features in the room play off your focal point. Delete unnecessary pieces and remove excess clutter, then add items to complement the focal point. A white fireplace mantel, for instance, may be balanced with white elsewhere in the room, perhaps by the room trim, pictures in white frames, or even by placing a white vase on a table.