Character Houses

Historic Yapeen Store

Homes, real or fictional have power over our imagination. The original Yapeen General Store, its residence and the adjoining old wood yard, with a dance hall above it, are much more than a collection of eclectic buildings. They have been here since 1856 providing continuity and an anchor to generations.

This old General Store, pub and post office exist, like a time capsule, reminding us of our history. As you sit in the courtyard of the residence, savoring a cup of tea or a glass of wine, you might fancy that you can hear the horses hooves clip clopping as they pull the Cobb n Co Coach into Yapeen.

In some organic way the old walls here have actually stored an impression of the generations who have sheltered and worked here. These walls have many tales to tell, have borne witness to the passing of time and ways of living.

This place  was built when there was a surge of self confidence in Australia. It was built as part of the famed Gold Rush Era.

Today quiet has enveloped this place and is home to a colony of blue wrens and other native birds who call it home. Now it is the almost Southern England, serene beauty, which captures the imagination.

Yapeen Beauty

Now it is a place to savor and spend time developing the abundant, enchanted garden with bulbs planted all those years ago bursting into a glorious show.

This is a true character house that is calling to be loved and taken forward by someone who has the passion and vision to simply love it as it is or restore and develop it even further.

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