Make a Room Work

Home DecorationAfter setting the stage in each room of your home, walk away and re-enter it with fresh eyes. It is often the first glance that detects things that are crooked, distracting or that don’t belong. Make it your goal to make every room pleasing to the eye at first glance.

If a room isn’t working, keep moving things around until you find the most pleasing look. For instance, it may be more pleasing to the eye to turn a desk around. Have it face into the room instead of up against a wall. Bring your child’s bed out from the wall and centre it in the room. Replace or cover busy fabrics. Take down distracting or dated window coverings. Borrow pieces from other rooms if necessary.

Balancing shape and colour in each room is important. A buyer will be less distracted by your belongings and will be able to focus on your home’s architecture instead. A peaceful-looking home will allow a buyer to picture his own belongings in it.

A final test to see if you’ve done your job well is to look at your room through the lens of a camera. Before the realtor takes his photos, snap a few digital photos yourself. Then view them to see if the picture looks harmonious and appealing.

Yes, it is important to go through an exercise like this if you want to make a good impression and sell your home quickly for the best price possible!

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