Why Choose Waller Realty?

Real-Estate-ProfessionalismProfessionalism in the workplace is based on many factors, including how you dress, carry yourself, your attitude and how you interact with others.The feedback from both vendors and buyers reveal that while the sale process will not always go without some issues to be navigated, a constant is that the team at Waller Realty actually do their job in a professional manner.

It is this simple truth, it is the reality that Wallers have a outstanding team who get results that makes this agency the agency to choose if you want your property to realize its full sales potential or you are seeking to find the perfect place to live and work in this region.

Rob Waller, who is the director of this company began his career in real estate gaining extensive experience in residential, commercial and rural sales. Rob has 21 years real estate experience and is noted as the Agent of choice for selling quality character and lifestyle properties. Rob’s high profile reputation is built on integrity and an uncompromising commitment to helping his clients attain their real estate goals, which attracts a strong following and even stronger results. He has also attracted a professional team who are each pulling in the same direction and who, indisputably, have helped to build the reputation Waller’s has gained in this region.

The other striking feature about the work at Wallers is that they have advanced along with the advances in information technology and have developed highly efficient means to effectively organise sales and purchases. Listing with Wallers not only sees your property advertised on leading property websites but makes full use of blogging technology to feature character homes and social media portals to expand the reach. Go no further if you are buying or selling a home!

Come to Wallers, the major, most results driven, real estate player in this region.