Avoid Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes

When selling your home, its value helps determine how much to list it for and how much you can realistically expect a buyer to pay for it. That’s why it’s important to make sure you don’t do anything that could diminish your home value.

Avoid the following mistakes, which could negatively affect how much your home is worth:

  • Enclosing your porch. You might be tempted to do this in order to create a space that can be enjoyed all year round, but don’t do it. Closing off the porch can hurt your home’s value by making it seem too cut off from your neighborhood. Instead, opt for a screened-in porch or only close off part of your porch if it’s big enough. This still lets you enjoy the extra space without lowering your home’s value.
  • Not hiring a contractor. Some homeowners believe that they’ll save money by doing home improvement projects on their own. This might work for those who have the right skills and tools, but it’s usually better to leave it to the professionals. If you’re planning on doing a big remodeling project, spend the money on a professional contractor who will ensure that it’s done right.
  • Focusing on trends. When remodeling your home, don’t base your upgrades on what’s currently in style or trendy. These trends and styles can become outdated quickly and hurt your chances of selling your home. Go for timeless upgrades instead that won’t diminish home value.

Take the time to have one of our agents here at Waller make an appraisal and offer expert advice. Client reflections post sale  reveal that clients really do appreciate the advice offered.