Some Smart Pre Sale Improvements


Getting your home ready to sell is a time-consuming process, but it’s well worth it. By making some changes, you can get more money for your home and even sell it faster. Just make sure that you spend your time on projects that are good investments.

The following smart home improvements are great ones to focus on:

  • Change or fix up your front door. Buy a new door if yours isn’t in the best shape anymore or to boost your home’s curb appeal. A steel door is a good investment, since you can recoup almost all of its cost. If you don’t need a new door, repaint your current one and install new hardware.
  • Build a patio or deck. This project has a significant return on investment, since many buyers appreciate having an outdoor spot for relaxing or entertaining friends and family. You can also add a fire pit or other outdoor feature if you already have a patio or deck.
  • Fix up your kitchen. Minor or major projects are smart home improvements, since buyers tend to zero in on kitchens. Doing simple things, like painting cabinets, has an 82 percent return on investment rate, while major projects have an impact on investment rate.
  • Get new windows. When you invest in more energy-efficient windows that also improve your home’s appearance, you can recoup a significant percentage of the cost.

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