Chalet Style Home in Sedgwick

Stringybark Court

The Australian obsession to own your own home has been so entrenched in our culture that it has become known as the Australian Dream. The dream began immediately after the Second World War and continues to this day. Originally ‘the Dream’ was to own a modest 2 bedroom dwelling in the suburbs with enough land for a vegie patch and a spot for the kids to play.

The owner/builder who created this private universe on ten acres in Stringybark Court Sedgwick has taken the dream to another level. The building has influenced by the architecture of Switzerland and Austria. The influence of time spent in Europe can be seen in the steep pitches, big gable roof, the use of open beams and the extensive use of stone work.

This extraordinary property represents over a decade of work. Ten acres of secluded bushland have been transformed into a wonderful family home that caters, not only for dual occupancy but which provides a rich array of ‘extras’ for big family gatherings.