Bushland Home


One of the striking features of this property at 176 Ranters Gully Road, Muckleford, is the pristine bush setting and the stunning views of Mount Franklin. As the owners of this 10 acre property will tell you, it is the bush, the sense of sanctuary and the privacy which is what they have loved most about living here.

Given that there are three dwellings within relative proximity of one another it is all the more amazing that each seems to have a bio system of its own and that they do not impinge in any way upon the other. As a result it is possible to rent two and live in one and still enjoy all the sense of solitude that this property offers.

Another feature is the sense of contrast in the styles of living provided. The main home offers a divine, retro world while the light airy, two bedroom barn will suit those who like the modern, ‘industrial’ feel. In contrast the compact, snug Studio is an ideal place to escape completely.