Actually Doing Their Job

The sale of 34 Gaulton Street Castlemaine was one that neither the vendor or the team at Waller Realty will forget in a hurry. There was nothing simple about the process! Apart from the fact that the vendor switched to Wallers after a long, frustrating period of time, when the property showed little sign of selling, there proved to be lots of complications and sensitive issues to be navigated during the sale process.

The vendor of this property maintains that the stand out feature of Tom Robertson’s work is quite simple! He actually does his job! This may appear a simplification but at the end of the day it is what stands out about Tom and Waller Realty in general. The team do their job! They actually sell houses and they make a special effort to look after the needs of both their vendors and buyers.

Tom RobertsonWhen pressed to identify anything that could have been done to improve the service the owner could not single out anything. She now recommends Wallers to friends and associates and will tell you that she found Tom to, not only be totally professional and skilled, but willing to put in work that tested the boundaries of what might be expected of any professional. Throughout difficult negotiations Tom maintained regular contact, keeping her informed of negatives and positives. She believes that much of Wallers success and local reputation depends on the proactive approach of agents like Tom.