A Vacation at Home

Vacations at home are becoming more common as homeowners look for ways to save money. Instead of spending it on an expensive vacation, they’re opting to stay home and enjoy their surroundings. You can turn your yard into a perfect staycation spot with some clever landscaping.

Here are a few landscape ideas to consider if you’ll be spending vacation time at home:

  • Woodland theme: Turn your yard into a cozy forest setting with some carefully placed trees and other greenery. If possible, you can take this one step further by having a small stream installed in one part of your yard. Line the stream with small rocks and pebbles to give it an even more naturalistic look. This idea provides you with a relaxing place to stay, along with a high level of privacy.
  • Water theme: Instead of a traditional pool, your yard can become a water-themed getaway that makes it feel like a secluded island. Install a water slide, sandy beach, fire pit and a play area that resembles a pirate’s cove for kids. You can even include a spa that’s designed to look like a beached boat.
  • European garden theme: Dress up your garden by installing an eight-sided pavilion surrounded by boxwoods and colorful flowers and bushes. A decorative fountain completes this look and lets you feel like you’ve traveled all the way to Europe.

These landscape ideas have an added benefit. When it’s time to put your home on the market, you’ll see a boost in its value. Just make sure you properly maintain your stay at home vacation landscape to keep it in good condition.