Meet Nick Haslam

Nick HaslamNick Haslam is a part of the growing group of people who have come to this region seeking community and a more creative lifestyle. Before joining Waller Realty, Nick worked, from 1992, in real estate advertising sales in London. He moved to Australia and settled in Melbourne in 1999 and worked selling advertising in magazines and online.

Nick brings to Wallers extensive sales skills, along with invaluable client management knowledge. Having travelled extensively Nick has very real insight into diverse backgrounds and needs and believes that this has gifted him with the broad world view which is of benefit to the Waller client base.

In his daily work Nick is highly professional and attentive to detail and seems to have a knack for matching client needs. A results salesman, Nick goes out of his way to ensure that in each sale it is ‘win win’. 

Since building a rammed earth, solar powered home in Fryerstown Nick has immersed himself in the community. He is a member of the CFA and is a member of Winter’s Flat Primary School Council which his young son attends.

Having done the research before coming here and since being so involved in the local community Nick has come to understand the region and its specific needs.

Nick Haslam’s professionalism, attention to detail  and capacity to interact professionally with clients will assure him of a strong following.

You can contact him on 0418 322 789 or