Persistence Wins the Day

There are no silver bullets when it comes to selling a house but the one thing you can be sure of when you sell with Wallers is that they will persevere and persist and do their utmost to achieve results their vendors are happy with.

It took quite awhile for the right people to buy 8 Saunders Court Elphingstone, but speak to the vendors and they speak in glowing terms of the work that Rob Waller did. They had always known it would be a slow process and as far as they were concerned Rob left no detail unattended and was proactive in ensuring that the result they wanted was attained.

Over the duration of this sale Rob proved to be totally professional and accommodating. The owners felt that he went well beyond the call of duty and earned every cent of any commission, heading out to Elphingstone for repeated inspections.

Further, the use of Social Media clearly helped. The associated web site was regularly visited in the final months. It was evident that potential buyers were scrutinising every detail and that the blog  offered a very real point of difference to the marketing process.