Selling a Much Loved Home

Dear Leah and Blasi

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both. Selling a house is  one thing but selling a home is another as I am sure you are both aware. I would like you both to know that you have provided a great source of comfort to both my family and I, whilst dealing with the marketing and sale of our home.

Leah, I was always confident in your ability, your professional manner, adept business skills, combined with your gentle and kindly manner, it was always reassuring.

Blasi, what a friendly and capable young woman you are. I must also thank you for your great advertising, it was extremely well presented in local papers. It would seem that we got more than what was financially agreed upon and I thank you both for that also.

As we settle into our new home we would like again  to thank you for your wonderful help and support.

Thank you

Leah Panos