Post Sale Reflections – Gladwin House Fryerstown


The owners of Gladwin House Fryerstown have graciously taken the time to reflect upon their recent sale process.

1. In what way did having a web site impact on the process of selling?

We felt that it provided a vivid word picture of our property and that it provided a view not only of our place but of  Fryerstown. Apart from painting such a wonderful image of Gladwin House the site highlighted special features of Fryerstown and aspects of this region which we love.

2. What do you see this as the power of this form of promotion?

This process enhanced our sense of confidence. It is impressive to see Wallers using social media so professionally to promote our property. We were impressed with their diverse marketing strategy.

3. To what extent did presenting additional material impact on your sense of engagement during the process?

Providing material for this web site helped us to feel that we were actively involved in the marketing process. The site included personal photographs and additional, complementary material. It was good to be able to tell the story of our property.

4. How did the web site complement traditional real estate marketing?

As another owner has said it provides an all important layer of detail.

5. What did you see as the the benefit of promoting the lifestyle of Castlemaine?

This presentation enables people to see, in their minds eye, just what this region has to offer.

7. Any other comments about the sale process and the way your agent handled everything?

Tom made himself available at all times and showed an impressive degree of professionalism and communication skills. He is a skilled agent who brings a wealth of important local knowledge and who guided us and provided excellent advice. We are ‘over the moon’ – delighted that what can be a difficult process proved to be relatively painless.