Refections Post Sale



The owners of Berkeley Street have graciously taken the time to reflect upon their recent sale process.

1. In what way did having a web site impact on the process of selling?

It gave potential buyers another layer of reassurance of the benefits of the property.

2. What do you see this as the power of this form of promotion?

It gave buyers a connection with the seller.

3. To what extent did presenting additional material impact on your sense of engagement during the process?

It gave an opportunity to give our contribution when talking about the features of the property and area.

4. How did the web site complement traditional real estate marketing?

It is complimentary providing another layer of detail.

5. What did you see as the the benefit of promoting the lifestyle of Castlemaine?

It helps the buyer visualise the town benefits, they can enjoy, if the proceed with the purchase.

6. What will you miss about living in the town?

Neighbours and being able to walk everywhere.

7. Any other comments about the sale process and the way your agent handled everything?

Tom is professional, has great communication skills and kept us informed in a timely manner.