Mega Weekend in November

Maldon Folk FestivalThis is the region to be in come November. The Maldon Folk Festival, Farmers and Artists Markets and the Castlemaine Festival of Gardens all coincide so there is lots of other stuff to do and see while you’re in the area.

Make sure to be there as this historic town springs to life for their annual folk festival. There will be much to see and do including musical theatre, bush dancing, markets, workshops, garden art, competitions, didgeridoo performances and much more.

The Maldon Folk Festival is an event with appeal for everyone including families or travellers in need of some fun!


For Bike Enthusiasts

GreatTrainRaceOnly one week to go until entries close for Race the Train!

Remember, both the Race and Ride will start in Castlemaine at the Old Gaol overlooking the train station. You can race the train, do the leisurely trail ride or catch the historic steam train and watch the bikes go by.

The action kicks off at 11.45am so why not make it a day trip? Coincides with the Maldon Folk Festival, Farmers and Artists Markets and the Castlemaine Festival of Gardens so there is lots of other stuff to do and see while you’re in the area.

Enter before 29th October and avoid the $10 on-the-day admin fee.

Garden Festival

programThis year’s Garden Festival opens on 1 November. Melbourne Cup Day is 4 November: mark Cup weekend and the following week in your diaries.

The theme is Gardens out of the Box and you will see garden boxes outside the Market Building and at the Railway Station.

Souvenir programs are available from the Castlemaine Market Building and can be found in may local shops.

This is an ideal time to combine visiting gardens with visiting some of our weekly Open For Inspections.

And if you are interested in gardening take a moment to check out a few of our Pinterest Boards. There is one for those who love all things Vintage and another more general board that includes lots of ideas for those who are addicted to gardening.

Yapeen History For Sale

Yapeen General Store

Translated from native tongue Yapeen means ‘Green Gully’. From the moment you cross the old railway line into Yapeen Road and sweep around past the manicured verges you know how apt this description is. This is not only one of the prettiest pockets of this region, but one of the most photographed. This is paradise for photographers and it is the stuff that features on chocolate boxes and post cards.

But then there is more! This property is one of the few in the district that remains in its original state. When you go through the door of the ‘old residence’, into the original General Store and Post Office it beggars belief that the original pigeon holes and shelves remain intact. The old post office counter is there, along with the old bell, waiting to be rung.

Slow Selling?

Attend to DetailWhen your home is on the market, there aren’t any guarantees that it will sell. Your best bet is to do as much as possible to make your home attractive to buyers and know what to avoid doing, so you won’t turn potential buyers away.

These are some of the common issues that keep homes from selling:

  • A high listing price. Having a listing price that’s higher than those of comparable homes for sale in your area will hurt your chances of getting bids. Buyers will pass yours up in favor of similar ones with a more reasonable listing price. This can also hurt you in another way. If your home doesn’t sell or stays on the market for too long, buyers will be hesitant about making an offer or they’ll make an offer that’s much lower than what you wanted.
  • Lack of preparation. You can’t expect to get offers on your home if you don’t take the time to get it ready for the market. That means getting rid of clutter, repainting, making any needed repairs and cleaning thoroughly. Your home should also be more universally appealing to buyers, which means keeping personalized decor, such as family photos, to a minimum. If buyers have trouble picturing themselves living in your home, they’re less likely to make a bid. They might not even consider your home at all if it’s showing obvious signs of wear and tear.
  • Poor quality photos or few photos. Photos of your home should be high quality ones taken in the right lighting and from the right angles. Your listing should also have plenty of photos that show each part of your home.

While Your House is on The Market

Open HouseWhen your home is on the market, it’s important to make sure it will appeal to buyers as much as possible. That means making a lot of changes to the way it looks, especially when it comes to your personal possessions. This can be awkward for you since you’ll still be living in it while buyers are looking at it.

Use these tips for living in your home while it’s listed to help things go more smoothly:

  • Do a lot of packing and organizing beforehand. Pack up what you’re not using, then organize what’s left to make it easier to pack the rest away later. The more stuff you put away, the more spacious your home will appear to potential buyers. Getting most of your packing done ahead of time will also make the moving process much easier for you.
  • Rent a storage unit. If you have larger pieces of furniture to store or a lot of boxes around, consider renting a storage unit. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to keep them at home during showings.
  • Keep things to a minimum. Clear out as much from your kitchen and bathroom cabinets as possible, except for the things you use on a daily basis. This will help buyers picture their stuff in those cabinets instead, which can help them determine if they want to buy your home.
  • Have showings arranged at convenient times for you. Instead of having your home available for showings at anytime, ask your agent to schedule them during certain hours or on certain days. While you want your home to sell, you also don’t want to be inconvenienced too much.

More Tips:

Protecting Your Privacy

Keeping Your House Secure While It Is On The Market

Central Castlemaine Historic Home


Positioned on the corner of Doveton and Barker Street, Rosella retains all of the prestige and graciousness that has been its signature since it was built in 1928. From the moment you step through the gate and enter this home, the sense of a gentler lifestyle, from another era, is ever present. Protected by walls that seem to provide shelter from a busier world it is hard not to sense the zen like quality of the beautiful spaces within.

Rosella proudly names itself a family home. It has seen all the joys, celebrations and calmly protected its habitants during turbulent times. It offers not only a home but provides a sense of hearth. This is a home that has housed generations of Castlemaine people who have been an important part of the Castlemaine community. It seems to have established deep roots in this town.

Rosella is a light filled home with windows that offer landscape views of a much loved garden housing old established trees. It is a home that makes you feel safe.

We Sell

Camp House

Camp House, situated in the centrally located Yandell Street, is a home that is steeped in Goldfields History. This is one of the original homes, dating back to 1854, when it was built for Captain Bull, Commissioner of the Goldfields. At that time the house  and office of the Commissioner was on land that overlooked the Camp Reserve, the busy hub of Goldfields administration. Today it remains a short stroll to the Reserve and through to the railway station and the central township hub.

Deciding Between Two Properties

Home BuyersFinding your dream home is exciting, but coming across two of them can be a challenge. How should you decide which one to buy? There are many factors to consider when choosing between two homes that you really love.

Follow these tips for making a decision on a home when you’re torn between two:

  • Consider the neighborhood. Take a close look at the neighborhood that each home is in. Check out the crime rate, local schools, transportation and local amenities. You might want to base your decision on how close the neighborhood is to where you work or how convenient it is to get to the supermarket or stores.
  • Compare the condition of each home. If both homes need some work done, compare how much is needed and what kinds of work they need. You might find that one home needs a considerable amount of work than they other or requires repairs that are much more expensive than the other one. Another factor to consider is how long each home has been on the market. If either one has been up for sale for awhile, it could mean that there are significant problems with it.
  • Determine which one is a better investment. Think of the long-term investment potential for each home you’re interested in. You should go with the one that offers a better investment, so that you’ll get more money when you sell it at some point in the future.

After considering these tips for making a decision on a home, take time to think about which one you want to make an offer on. Just don’t wait too long and miss out on being able to buy either one.

Professionalism Wins

Chapel Street North Maldon

Dear Leah and Blasi,

What’s always impressed me about the service I’ve had from Waller Real Estate (Maldon) has been the no-nonsense, no-hype, straight-up professional, prompt and efficient service they provide. As a property owner, I’ve always been able to rely on Blasi’s advice about prospective tenants, and her strong ethical commitment to balancing my rights with those of my tenants. When it came to selling my property, Leah provided clear advice on an achievable price, presented it in its most favorable light and achieved a prompt sale at a good price. It’s been a pleasure to do business with these excellent agents.

kind regards and thanks to you both,

Marguerita Stephens

Industrial Design Look

There are a number of outlets in this regions that  have sourced some fascinating pieces. Have a weekend up here, take in one of our Open Inspections and enjoy checking out all that Castlemaine and Maldon, in particular, have to offer.

There are a number of outlets in this regions that have sourced some fascinating pieces. Have a weekend up here, take in one of our Open Inspections and enjoy checking out all that Castlemaine and Maldon, in particular, have to offer.

Industrial decorations are becoming increasingly popular today. The industrial is all about material in its raw state. It gives an unfinished look that often includes unpainted walls and bare appliances with a steely profile.

Industrial bedroom design combines authenticity with simplicity. It’s an individual, personal, and somewhat eccentric look that showcases several different components without losing its character or charm. Industrial bedroom design combines a utilitarian element that utilizes rough textures, basic components, and aged wood. It can assume a modern appearance, but it has a major impact aesthetically with its use of unfinished and raw materials.

The walls and flooring are often concrete when following the industrial theme, and brick walls often serve as a backdrop. This theme frequently incorporates wooden beams, open air conditioning and heating ducts, water pipes, ceiling sprinkler systems, metal lighting grids, and bare stainless steel. These elements add a great deal to the overall industrial feel of the space.

If you are drawn to this look check out this article in Impressive Interior Design and take a moment to look at our Pinterest Board featuring a range of Industrial Design ideas.

Common Home Inspection Issues

WiringThe home buying process wouldn’t be complete without a home inspection. This inspection turns up any problems with the home that the buyers might not have been aware of. Depending on what types of problems show up and how serious they are, a buyer might decide not to purchase the home.

These are some of the most common home inspection issues that come up:

  • Water damage. This is among the most serious problems that home inspectors find. Water damage can range from unsightly stains to mold growth or foundation issues, which are very costly to repair.
  • Faulty wiring. This is a common problem in older homes, where the electrical system isn’t able to handle modern electrical demands. Exposed wires can also pose a potential fire risk, since they are more prone to damage than concealed wires.
  • Roof problems. Roof issues can range from replacing a missing or loose tile to needing the entire roof replaced due to aging, improper installation or excessive water damage.
  • Plumbing problems. Leaks are among the most common home inspection issues. Depending on how serious the leak is and how long it’s been going on, repairing it can be a minor fix or a much more expensive one.
  • Poor attic insulation and ventilation. These problems lead to the home losing more heat in winter and letting in more hot air during summer, which causes higher energy bills.
  • HVAC issues. Problems caused by heating and cooling systems that are older or haven’t been properly maintained are also commonly found during home inspections. HVAC issues can also occur if the system wasn’t properly installed.


The Great Train Race – Sunday Nov 2


As major sponsors of the Great Train Race we are enthusiastically counting down to starting time. This event was a huge success last year and we are hoping it will be even better this year.

The ‘Race’ will start in Castlemaine and finish in Maldon. It will provide competitive cyclists an opportunity to race the train, and each other, with the lure of line honors as well as a cash prize pool for category winners who beat the train in the process.

The race begins at the Old Castlemaine Gaol in Bowden Street at 11:55 and covers a distance of 17.6kms (20.8kms finishing at the Maldon Historic Railway Station, Hornsby Street, Maldon VIC 3463

Be inspired by the photographs that were taken at last year’s event

Enter Now Click here

Good News First Time Home Buyers

Good news for First Home Buyers

Good news for First Home Buyers

Victorian first home buyers will receive a 50 per cent discount on stamp duty as of TODAY.

The state government says eligible home owners will save up to $15,535 in stamp duty on dwellings valued up to $600,000, and will save 26,000 Victorians a total of $200 million over the next year.

First home builders will also benefit with a $10,000 grant for newly constructed homes, which will apply along with the stamp duty cut.

Victorian Treasurer Michael O’Brien says the cut, which has been increased from 40 per cent, will have a number of benefits.

“This is a very important measure which will make home ownership more affordable for tens of thousands of Victorians,” he said.

“It will ensure that we see more young families moving into that first home.”

Mr O’Brien said it would also support jobs in the construction industry, which was one of the state’s biggest employers with about 250,000 people working in the sector.



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