Historic Harcourt Icon

High Street Harcourt

Once the home adjoining the original Harcourt General Store, this premium, historic Harcourt icon remains an important, identifiable part of the Harcourt streetscape. Set on a spacious block, with a highly attractive, adjacent stone and weatherboard building this property is in a prize location in Harcourt.

Today the facade and front rooms have been painstakingly restored and the property has been extended to provide comfortable living for a growing family.

Sustainable design (also called environmental design, environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design, etc.) is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. In undertaking the restoration and extension the owners have applied sustainable design features. Sustainable design features include double glazed windows, north facing passive solar design and the use of polystyrene foam with insulating qualities. A high level of insulation has been used, particularly in the roof and walls. Other features include solar hot water, raised vegie beds with dripper systems linked to grey water.

This is an opportunity to enter the Harcourt market and enjoy all the benefits of living and perhaps raising a family in this vibrant community.

Cleaning the Fireplace

Fireplace provides a distinctive charm to the place where there is extremely cold weather and snow most of the time. It feels wonderful while sipping the hot tea or coffee in front of fireplace. Fireplace definitely is a most exotic thing that adds a charm to home’s interior as well apart from protecting from cold. Installation of fireplace is not tedious but what makes lazy is its maintenance which is important and necessary.

Cleaning the fireplace is essential not only for the sake of cleaning but also for health and hygiene because soot and dirt that collects nearby the fireplace tends to make unhealthy conditions for housemates. Therefore, to keep up the hygiene and for better ambience cleaning of fireplace is important for which you just need some time and require few things. We are now going to discuss how you clean up your fireplace properly, read out some tips:

To clean fireplace, you require few things such as: Glass Cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Vacuum, Hand Gloves, Few old Newspaper, Water, Bleach, Scrub Brush and Rags.

Method of cleaning:

  • Wear the glove and clean out the debris inside the fireplace as it can’t be vacuumed. Now with the vacuum cleaner vacuum the entire area to remove accumulated soot and ash.
  • Cover the hearth and nearby area of fireplace with tarp and then place newspaper on the tarp and on the fireplace.
  • Take a gallon of warm water and add a cup full of bleach powder into it.
  • This chemical water is now used to remove hard soot and dirt inside the fireplace with the help of scrub brush.
  • FireplaceUse rags to throw out excess water.
  • After cleaning the soot and ash inside the fireplace, clean the floor of the fireplace by removing newspaper.
  • Now turn to fireplace grates to clean them. Place some newspaper on the clean surface and place fireplace grates on it.
  • Clean the grates with water-bleach solution or over-cleaner and scrubber.
  • Also clean fireplace glass with help of glass spray cleaner and newspaper.

Applied Sound Local Knowledge

“We would like to thank Leah for the professional and courteous service she provided from the initial listing and eventual sale of our property. We greatly appreciated her ability to apply her local knowledge in setting the asking price. She provided us with clear advice about our advertising and open house strategies. Her feedback after inspections was timely, honest and realistic and she showed a genuine willingness to achieve the best result for us.

Tiny House Movement

Tiny House Info-graphic

What are Tiny Houses? The Tiny House Movement? Tiny Living?

Simply put it is a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The movement began in America. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet. Tiny Houses come in all shapes, sizes and forms but they focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.

People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons are because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and seeking more time and freedom.  For most Americans 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads; This translates to 15 years of working over your life time just to pay for it and because of it 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

So what is the alternative?  One might be to live smaller.  While we don’t think tiny houses are for everyone, there are lessons to be learned and applied to escape the cycle of debt where almost 70% of Americans are trapped in right now.

The small house movement is gaining ground around the world with its vision of living simply and sustainably in small spaces. Here in Castlemaine there are a number being built.

Want to see more? Check our Pinterest page for ideas and begin here and learn more about Tiny Living.


The Whole Package Delights

Campbell Street CastlemaineOver the years this couple have bought and sold seventeen homes so they are well and truly familiar with real estate practices. They bought this home from Wallers, through Tom Robertson, three years ago and set about restoring it.

When it came to selling again it was a ‘no brainer’. They returned to Wallers and Tom Robertson. Tom found them the home that would meet their current needs and sealed the deal with this  one.

Stan and Heather were delighted with the process and speak very highly of Tom and his professional approach. They felt that one of Tom’s strengths was his quiet, calm approach. In contrast to many agents they really appreciated that he let them do the talking and let them tell him what they wanted. They found that he listened, was responsive to their needs and consistently provided appropriate guidance and support. 

In terms of the whole marketing/sales package Stan and Heather were very impressed. They were particularly impressed with the photography and the responsiveness of office staff. They valued the web presentation both on the Waller site and via the personalised web site that was set up to help extend the reach.

This couple will tell anyone to use the services of Wallers and Tom Robertson.

Premium Heritage Restoration with Artist’s Flair


46 Campbell Street Castlemaine

Prior to an extensive renovation and restoration by the current owners this 150 year old cottage at 46 Campbell Street Castlemaine was a historically significant property in one of the most prized, historic precincts of Castlemaine.

Now this stone cottage is an iconic show piece. The current owners painstakingly restored this picturesque cottage and garden with the view of establishing an artist studio and gallery. In undertaking this project they have taken great care to retain the historic features of this stone jewel. No expense has been spared and the meticulous attention to detail, the quality of all the refurbishments is obvious. This property has the touch of an artist and is genuinely complete, ready for an artist or a family seeking dual occupancy and comfortable living to move in.

This is an opportunity that will not present again soon in this tightly held part of town.

Knows The Market

High Street ChewtonThe owner of this property in Chewton initially selected Wallers to provide an appraisal for the sale of his property because of their reputation for doing a top job. He took the next step and signed up with Nick Haslam because, unlike others who came, Nick took the time to see what was actually being offered, took in all the detail, saw the potentialities and crunched a realistic figure that was in line with what the property was actually worth.

It was very clear that Nick understood the market and the owners sensed that they could trust him.

To affirm his sense that this agent was truly operating for him the owner wants to share that he had a ‘stake out’ when the place was open for inspection. From the stakeout he established the interest level for himself, but perhaps most importantly, saw that Nick genuinely spent quality time with all of the people who came. He observed that Nick displayed genuine interest in the property and ‘worked’!

“People want to know this kind of information” said this owner. “They want to know that an agent and the agency can be trusted to give their all and work for them.”

Nick came up trumps! “He brokered a good deal for all parties, called it correctly, exuded confidence, acted as an excellent third party broker, gave his all and sold within seven weeks”.

Iconic Maldon Treasure

28 Adair Street Maldon

Maldon is justifiably proud of its history. The tapestry of the town is fascinating! Maldon is s a town characterised by diversity. It is a place with joy filled events and an eclectic mix of fascinating individuals. Those who love the town and come regularly also admire the diversity of architecture and the rich variety of homes that fill its spacious streets.

Turn into this prized section of Adair Street and you cannot miss the stunning palms that seem to watch over number 28. This wonderful house has a style of her own and is indisputably a premium example of Maldon’s historic past. Palm House, as she has come to be known, is surrounded by magnificent gardens, designed and developed by a well known horticulturalist.

The current owners found this home to be a lovely canvas upon which to work. They set about ensuring that this circa 1897 home was carefully restored with flair and quality workmanship. The end result is a home that is welcoming, warm, with lots of functional and highly attractive spaces in which to live and work.

Quiet on even the busiest of Maldon weekends, this home has proved to be a tranquil oasis, a haven and a truly lovely place to come home to.


Delightful Miners Cottage

Cottage for Lease

This delightful cottage in Van Heurck Street, adjacent to the weekly Wesley Hill Market, is the perfect rental for a professional couple or single person. The living areas are compact but highly functional and the spacious kitchen, dining area, with a large feature window that enjoys views of the spacious yard, makes a very comfortable hub.

Well fenced, providing roomy off street parking and a roomy back yard in which to entertain, this home offers genuine lifestyle for someone wanting to live in this highly popular part of town.

The market space is busy of a Saturday morning but what a bonus to be able to wander across and do your weekly shopping, meet friends for a coffee and enjoy the colour and life that it adds to this otherwise quiet part of town.

With the Albion Hotel, Bold Cafe and the Wesley Hill Bakery all within short walking distance this really is a much sought after location.

To get further leasing details contact Brooke or Cecilia at the office and arrange an inspection!
03 5470 5811

Gracious Winton Beckons

123 High Street Maldon

You only have to pick up copies of Slow Magazine and Country Style to read about the streams of people who are choosing to move to places where they can engage in a community and live at a slower pace. Maldon is one of the places that people are drawn to.

It really is not every day that a home as tastefully and elegantly renovated as 123 High Street Maldon comes on to the market. The sale of this classic home, in a prime, prestigious part of Maldon, is the opportunity to make a lifestyle choice at an affordable price. This is genuinely a home where all the work has been done and which offers residents truly liveable spaces.

Winton has been lovingly renovated, keeping the Victorian facade intact, and offering a beautifully balanced mixture of French Provincial, Country Farm House and Victorian decor within. No part of the property has been overlooked and it is the attention to detail both in the house and within the garden which captures ones attention.

This pristinely presented home offers not only gracious living within but the added bonus of an idyllic studio for anyone seeking to work from home.

Is it you she is calling to make her home?

Realistic and Honest

Johnstone Street Castlemaine

When the owners of this property in Johnstone Street decided to sell they approached a number of agents in town. It became obvious that some of these agents did not really understand their personal needs or their property and they were not confident that a sale would be readily forthcoming.

After meeting Nick Haslam at an Open for Inspection the vendors sensed that he understood them and their specific needs. They felt confident that he would have their best interests at heart and so they signed with Wallers.

While the process was far from stress free because of complications that had to be juggled, they will, unhesitatingly, tell you that Nick guided them, facilitated the process and pulled off a quick sale.  During the process he always answered all questions and gave realistic and honest advice.

Similarly it was Nick who helped them as they purchased a home in Taylor Street. They are very satisfied with the process and have no hesitation in recommending Nick and Wallers to others who are looking to buy or sell their homes.

Steeped in Goldfields History

Camp House

Camp House, situated in the centrally located Yandell Street, is a home that is steeped in Goldfields History. This is one of the original homes, dating back to 1854, when it was built for Captain Bull, Commissioner of the Goldfields. At that time the house  and office of the Commissioner was on land that overlooked the Camp Reserve, the busy hub of Goldfields administration. Today it remains a short stroll to the Reserve and through to the railway station and the central township hub.

The Commissoner’s Camp at Castlemaine in 1852

Over the years this home has been adapted and adjusted to meet the needs of its varied inhabitants. The most recent restoration was done with great attention to historic detail and in the process the owner found layers of history within the floors and walls. She took great care, researching Georgian details and installing authentic pieces like the fire place which originally graced the nearby court house (now the Castlemaine Historic Society).

Today Camp House is one of those homes that breathes life and is waiting to be found by the right people! It is immaculately presented and is the perfect home for anyone who loves to entertain and yearns to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in the centre of Castlemaine.

Go Green

Going GreenChange your old appliances into energy-efficient appliances (look for Energy Star logo).
Fix leaky plumbing
Change kitchen cabinetry to the ones made from natural and sustainable materials.
Choose energy efficient Energy Star labeled products when purchasing electronics.
Choose environmentally friendly flooring.
Installing solar panels.
Installing solar hot water heater.
Energy efficient heating & cooling system.

Making your home more green will pay off in more ways than one.  Your house value may go up, you will see lower utility bills, and some of these projects may be tax deductible (talk to your accountant for more info).

For more Going Green ideas check our Pinterest Board.

Home Staging

Home StagingStaging your home for a timely sell doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, but it will take some elbow grease and time.

First, ask your Waller Agent for suggestions about accentuating your home’s positive points. In addition to knowing the overall impression your home needs to make, your real estate agent is in a unique position to know what local home features are in highest demand and what regional tastes prevail.

Next, go through each room of your house, clearing out clutter and removing personal items. Clean your house thoroughly, including carpets, furniture and window coverings.

If you’ve re-purposed some of the rooms in your house, such as using a formal dining room as an office or bedroom, return the room to its original purpose. Changing the use of a room can disturb the flow of your home and may end up confusing home buyers, making it difficult for them to envision living in your home.

Give your house a neutral palette that will appeal to home buyers and give your home a calm, welcoming feel. If your walls are painted a bold or bright color, consider painting them warm, light tones of tan, beige or gray. Those colors encourage home buyers to envision their own personal effects and furniture fitting nicely in your home with minimal work.

Keep only a few appliances on your counters and add in a simple bowl of colorful fruit to introduce interest and brightness to your new neutral palette. Replacing or refinishing outdated cabinets can make a significant difference in how your kitchen appears to buyers. Remember to update cabinet hardware, as well.

If your appliances are old, replace them with new appliances. Generally, home sellers who replace tired kitchen appliances regain their investment completely. Remember to remove drawings, photos and magnets from your refrigerator.

Dining Room
Remove any bold finishings or heavy accessories. Clear out clutter but dress your dining table with simple, inviting place settings. An uncomplicated centerpiece and updated light fixture can complete the tableau. Remove any oversized furniture that might make the room appear small such as a large china hutch or sideboard.

Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Bedrooms
Remove family photos and personal effects. Clear out collections, knickknacks, themed items and anything that makes your rooms appear too personal. Clear out excess furniture, keeping important light fixtures. Warm up the spaces and give them a splash of color with a few plants, a throw blanket and neutral artwork.

Make every fixture in your bathroom sparkling clean. If tile grout is still discolored after cleaning, re-grout or use a grout stain. Use a few colorful hand towels, decorative jars or baskets as accents. Finally, organize your bathroom drawers, since home buyers will undoubtedly open them to get a feel for the storage capacity.

Check In
Once you’ve cleaned your home, removed personal items and layered in neutral accessories, have a friend walk through your house as if they were prospective buyers. Ask them to give you honest feedback about your home and use that information to maximize your home’s appeal.

Economical Enhancements

Door Knob SetYou don’t have to do major renovations to improve your home’s appearance. If you’re thinking of selling but don’t have a lot set aside for home improvement projects, there are plenty of cheaper ways to make your home more visually appealing. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your home on a budget:

  • Change doorknobs. New doorknobs can make a great impression on house guests or potential buyers. You can either replace them entirely or paint over your existing doorknobs with spray paint that’s made for use on metal surfaces.
  • Get new lighting. Buying a new lamp or having smaller fixtures installed can boost a room’s appearance by making it look better and providing more light for reading or performing other tasks.
  • Paint an interior door. Consider painting an interior door in a bold color to create visual interest. This brighter color can refresh any room and draw attention to certain features, such as a pantry.
  • Replace cabinet handles. Get rid of dull or tarnished cabinet handles in your kitchen or bathroom, and replace them with new ones. This simple task adds instant shine to these rooms, which happen to be the ones that are usually the most important for buyers.
  • Paint rooms. Painting is a cost-effective and quick way to improve any room’s appearance. For some rooms, all you’ll need is one can of paint. Choose a color that brings out a background tone in the room, or go with an accent wall in a bolder color to liven up the room.