No Silver Bullets – Work Seals Deals


Talk to the owner of this master built stone home in Castlemaine Street Fryerstown  and he will affirm that there are no silver bullets for agents selling homes – especially at the top end of the market. ‘These days you can’t just put an advertisement in the paper’ he said. ‘You have to work!’

Having changed from an agent who had the property on the market for a year he noticed that what distinguished Wallers was that

  • they took steps to extend their reach by advertising in Melbourne papers and by presenting the option of having a highly individualised, professionally assembled web feature showcasing additional features of the property.
  • their team understood the property, ‘pulled out all stops’ and were immediately contacting and bringing potential buyers in for inspections.
Nick Haslam

Nick Haslam

Jim valued working with Nick Haslam, a man he sees as having strong ties within the Fryerstown community. In particular Jim appreciated Nick’s philosophy that clients – sellers and buyers alike – must receive superior personal service every time.  He felt that Nick’s preparedness to ‘go the extra mile’ was exceptional. Not only did Nick spend hours following up with interested parties, taking time to respond to their individual needs, but he gave Jim comprehensive daily feedback and kept him in the loop.

Be your home at either end of the market, be you buyer or seller, you need to be assured that your agent is on your side and is willing to work with you. Choose an agent like Nick Haslam and, according to Jim, you can be assured your have a highly experienced sales warrior on your side.


Tough Negotiator Seals the Deal


Buying or selling a home is a major financial (and emotional) undertaking. It is is a multi-step process. Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, there are lots of things to be considered. Apart from preparing your house for sale it is important that marketing strategies are effective. Then when a buyer appears the task of negotiation begins. The goal should be to get the best result. Although on the surface it might just seem like you should accept the highest offer, there may be other factors to consider.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson

The sale of Rosella, like the sale of a number of high end priced properties, took time. The owner praised Tom Robertson for listening to her, for understanding her needs and for being on her side. Perhaps most importantly, she really appreciated being kept her in the loop, especially when final negotiations were taking place. He maintained exemplary communication, was always professional and acted as a key intermediary. He was supportive and his communication skills were impeccable.

If you are selling and understand that you need a skilled agent in your corner then, according to this owner, Tom is the man to have on your side.

Upgrade your Appliances

Whether you’re moving into a new home, dreaming of a kitchen renovation to your current one, or trying to prepare your home for spring selling season, appliances are a key expense to consider. White-goods

But consider these tips first (for appliances or any other big-ticket home items you’re considering):

  1. Do your homework. Researching brands, reviews, styles, features and measurements before the sales begin will help reduce stress and time in the checkout lane (virtual or physical). Go see the appliances in-person if possible, to get a feel for how they work and which styles best meet your needs.
  2. Sign up for alerts. All of the major retailers will be sending out emails to alert customers when their big sales are live. For your best chance at getting the appliances you prefer, you’ll want to be among the first to know when prices drop.
  3. Don’t get distracted. There will be flashy deals and shiny surprises everywhere over the holiday period – don’t let them distract you or coax you into buying something you don’t really want just because it’s a little less expensive. If you’ve done your homework and stick to your budget, trust your judgment…and you won’t deal with buyer’s remorse later.

Working With A Tenacious Real Estate Agent

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson

If you are looking for a real estate agent with a positive track record go no further than Tom Robertson at Waller Realty. He is an agent who is described by a long standing client as ‘dead set honest, tenacious, highly professional’ and as someone who makes the process of buying and selling land, commercial property and houses ‘easy’. Dan has worked with Tom, buying and selling a range of properties for between eight to ten years and as he says he ‘would not stay with someone for that long if he didn’t have a brilliant working relationship with them’.

5 Bakery Lane Yapeen

5 Bakery Lane

5 Bakery Lane offers a unique lifestyle.  (Click link to view web feature on this property). Here, in a prized, private corner of Yapeen the home lies in, hidden amidst a pristine, botanic style parkland. A very special feature of the place is that the old bakery remains in its original form. The bakery has not been operating as a bakery for a very long time but to say that it helps you to read a place, a building, a house, makes complete sense. Just as some characters demand that a writer tells their story this lovely old building, like an eccentric character, demands to be heard. Here, in this historic precinct you can ‘read’ the history of Yapeen through iconic imagery such as the old railway track that adjoins the property and the original General Store that lies nearby.

This property is open to the wind of another time. If you stop to listen you will learn about the lads who lived in the ‘wood shed’ over the way and you will hear all about the miners who picked up a hot loaf. This property, like a siren, will draw you into its fold and fill your head with tales of gold and what the search for gold did for the people who came here. It will tell you of how it has been loved and protected and of what it still has to offer to those who have the fire and imagination to love it.

Specialised Real Estate Skill Brings Results


When potential buyers came to visit this gracious property on the slopes of Mount Alexander they came fully aware of what this property offered. Following Tom Robertson’s advice, the owners, Linda and Barry, provided extensive material for this web feature which not only gave potential buyers more insight into the property, but extended the reach of the advertising campaign.

138 Coopers Road, like many rural properties took time to sell but neither the owners or Tom Robertson, their agent, lost heart or patience. According to Linda and Barry one of the things they appreciated most about Tom was that he truly understood their property, the rural lifestyle it offers and the passion that they had put into their home and land.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson

For properties like 138 Coopers Road it is important to have a skilled agent, like Tom, who remains patient and positive and who makes it clear that he is working to achieve a good result. Linda and Barry appreciated that Tom was amenable to their requests for adjustments to be made to advertising and that he always returned calls, provided feedback and made constructive suggestions to keep moving forward.

It was very clear that Tom not only understood the property but that he had the skill to tap into networks of people seeking such properties. There is no doubt that buying and selling rural property is a specialised process that requires unique skills and experience. Linda and Barry appreciated Tom’s skill in this area of real estate.

Selling over the Summer Holiday Period

Summer HolidaysAsk someone when the best time of year to list a home would be, and the holiday season is usually not on the top of the list. Think again! The fact that it is the holiday season means that many people have more time to come and visit  and fall in love with towns like Castlemaine, Harcourt, Newstead and Maldon. The holiday period can mean that folk have time to check out homes that are open for inspection.

There are many positive tips for showing your home over the holidays.

Typical home preparation.

  • Clean every corner of your home.
  • Repair the little things and a few big things.
  • Remove clutter of personal items, extra clothing, large furniture, toys, and pet items.
  • Maintain lawn, clean gutters, trim shrubs, and trees.
  • Power wash, paint or stain fences, home exterior, decks and shutters.

Holiday Decor is a plus

  • Deck the halls with holly and show off seasonal flowers
  • Try a minimalist approach when decorating.
  • Miniature lights outside are inviting and can add ambiance to a home.

Holiday Open Houses are Inviting and Festive

  • Turn the air conditioner on and keep the place cool.
  • Baking before an open house makes the home smell homey.
  • Making coffee and having it out for potential buyers can make them feel at home.

Clean and Inviting tips

  • Go through your home daily and remove anything you wouldn’t want potential buyers to see
  • Refresh any air fresheners in bath and kitchen areas
  • Remove trash right away to reduce odours.

Open For Inspection Tips

Open For InspectionOpen-houses are a great opportunity to showcase the character and details of your home. However, the definition of “character” may vary from person to person.

  • It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts: When potential buyers arrive, the first thing they will notice is the home’s exterior features. A well-manicured lawn and garden are important, but small fixes like touching up the paint on old shutters and replacing that outdated doorknob also help when making a first impression.
  • Kitchen Face-Lift: Kitchens are a gathering place for most families so their appearance will often weigh heavy on a potential buyer’s decision. Small updates to the faucets, cabinet handles and back splashes can be done for just a few hundred dollars and are easy enough to tackle as a DIY project. Once the upgrades are complete, add a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter to liven up the space.
  • Clutter clean-up: Invest in some storage containers. Remember, a potential buyer uses an open house to help them visualize their things in the home – that’s hard to do if they can barely see the space.
  • Symmetry is your friend: When it comes to living rooms, symmetry is key. Arrange the furniture so that it is away from the walls but still facing each other to allow for engaging conversations. To tie everything together, incorporate some fresh flowers, books and candles throughout. This will not only make the room look good, it will smell good too!
  • Wake up those walls: Painting is a cost-effective and quick way to improve any room’s appearance. For some rooms, all you’ll need is one can of paint. Choose a neutral colour that brings out a background tone in the room, or go with an accent wall in a bolder colour to liven up the space.